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An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on August 12, 2020
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Hey ChristNolan, I haven't been around in a while (nice to see so many familiar usernames still here!) but add an 8.8 to the Veteran meter please. Review was posted in other thread. Thanks.
The Taxman wrote:
September 6th, 2020, 1:22 am
m4st4 wrote:
September 5th, 2020, 5:55 pm
Morph my 6 into 8, please.

Second viewing much much better because the local technician knows me and decided to lower the decibels so us ten in cinema can comfortably watch the movie.

Guess what? Friend still hurt his ears by the end! Not only that, technician said he's heard multiple reports on people with damaged ear drums due to this movie's amateurish fucked up mixing that is clearly not matching with most cinema setups unfortunately.

All of that aside, I actually liked the movie second time.
I'm glad your experience w the sound this time around was better. Personally i'm not that bothered by the story or the emotion or the characters. I was disappointed with how amateurish the sound mixing was. Does nolan hear things differently than other people?

Interstellar and dunkirk were loud but it worked. the sound mixing in tenet was just abrasive tbh
Good to know it's not just me wondering what's up with the sound mixing...

The first 10 ten minutes I was thinking it was the loudest damn film I'd ever seen and then the issues with dialogue through masks and being drowned out by the sound that has plagued Nolan's more recent work also surfaced.

Really just one of the few criticisms I have though and didn't necessarily detract from my overall enjoyment; just forced me to concentrate on listening more intently and really immersing myself. :gonf:

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Vader182 wrote:
September 5th, 2020, 7:10 pm
i suspect this aspect will deepen with time:
the protagonist is basically sending his best friend (and maybe surrogate son, who knows) back in time to die to close the loop and save the world, while Neil spends the whole movie as a dutiful and caring best friend who can't disclose just how much he cares about the protagonist. there's resonances there i expect could enrichen over time.


Pattinson acts accordingly from start to finish. Really beautifully layered performance.
What happened to me the second time, I felt elevated by the sudden feeling of beginning, rather than cold and emotionless ending, when he left for the heli. Perhaps Nolan wanted us to feel sad like The Protagonist, but the counter-effect was elation of knowing it's just the start of something. What helped is great chemistry between the two, where like you said, Neil was always more in-the-know, but silent.

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Vader182 wrote:
September 5th, 2020, 4:35 pm
everything okay dude?

We recently got a puppy and she has been very sick. We had to rush her to the vet clinic Friday night. Fortunately she's gotten much better over the weekend. We have plans for next weekend already, so we might try to make a screening the weekend after.


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6/10 for me. Honestly this is my first true disappointment from Nolan (and yes, I've seen it 3 times) :
- almost everything in the movie is not explained enough. I know Nolan probably chose to do that because he wanted an intense and fast pace like in Dunkirk, but this did not work for me. Inception and Interstellar were very clear, whereas in Tenet I just can't understand a number of concepts the movie offers. I don't criticize the overall plot which is quite straightforward, but the VERY vague or incomprehensible explanations or justifications during the movie. After having discussed with numerous people about it (including some people here), I am still not convinced about the plan of the "humans from the future", how the algorithm is supposed to work, what inverting the whole world is supposed to do, how Sator gets the piece in Tallinn (how is this supposed to happen offscreen ??), why Priya character is in the movie, why Neil and the protagonist invert Kat to save her, why Neil use an inverted bullet when saving the protagonist in the opera, etc. Also, how the interactions between inverted people / non inverted objects and non inverted people / inverted objects are supposed to work are never properly explained (yes, I hate not knowing where the bullet holes come from :lol:) The JDW / poesy scene really needed to last longer.
- I think the whole "humans from the future subplot is really unnecessary and redundant with Interstellar. And the "revelation" about it being related to climate change is quite lame. I would have preferred if Sator was the only bad guy.
- The action was absolutely phenomenal. Apart from the last action scene that I think is too chaotic, I loved every other one. The opera attack scene was unreal. Pure Nolan. Reminded me of the TDK robbery scene.

- I liked the OST, but Zimmer is better as always :D

- Loved JDW + Pattinson. Brannagh, not so much. Debicky was average, didn't care much about her. ATJ was surprisingly good and I'd have liked if he had a bigger role.
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Please... SPOILER tag!

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Yea on second viewing, I'm sticking by my original 9/10. The ending hit me even harder than the first time.

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2nd viewing in the books. Still 9/10

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I’m going with a 9/10 as well

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Watched Tenet for the first time yesterday with my wife, we saw in Imax digital here in Victoria BC, theater had about 30 people, sound was great, yes dialogue was a little muffled but hey thats Nolan for ya.
So Tenet..wow what the heck was that Chris, what a ride, so bold and ambitious, ya I could nit pick things about all day but it was great, never seen anything like to be honest. Probably will go back and see again and most likely a 3rd in a few weeks.
my wife and I both give it 4.5 bags of popcorn out of 5 and 2 large sodas on top for the ambition and experimentation.

for real lets give it 8.5/10

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Not a single 9.9, 7.7, 6.6, etc., where's y'all's sense of humor

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