Tenet User Reviews/Reactions [Possible SPOILERS]

An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on August 12, 2020
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Surprisingly, the sound mix/video isn't complete trash in the

(I know, shoot me, but I've already spent $100's on seeing this movie multiple times, I want to analyze)
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sound is absolutely a non-issue for me. cause we have subtitles :lol:

I'm surprised how many people here didn't see it with subtitles here, I mean all the europen countries will have subs..

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ChristMAX wrote:
September 1st, 2020, 6:56 pm
Surprisingly, the sound mix/video isn't complete trash in the

(I know, shoot me, but I've already spent $100's on seeing this movie multiple times, I want to analyze)
yea, some dialogue parts are pretty bad. but it was mostly audible.

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Warner has to force him to do test screenings, in the end they are the ones who put the money. Family and friends don't count.
They would've noticed the sound mix problems with some test screening I think.

It won't be an issue for me because I have to watch movies with subtitles, what the US/english speaking countries hate

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Lincoln wrote:
September 1st, 2020, 7:50 pm
Warner has to force him to do test screenings, in the end they are the ones who put the money. Family and friends don't count.
They would've noticed the sound mix problems with some test screening I think.

It won't be an issue for me because I have to watch movies with subtitles, what the US/english speaking countries hate
This is interesting, to see how different people’s response to sound has been. I watched a review of a person saying that while there were a few parts where it was hard to get the dialogue, he felt it was the purpose of the sound mix for the most part since it maybe added a sort of realism to it (which we know Nolan is known for). The person argued that he worked with the government for some time as a medic? (I don’t remember well but it was something related) and when wearing masks, it was hard to understand his partners at the time so for him, it seems, this way of doing it somehow grounded the film at some points.

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Haven't posted here in forever but thought I'd post a review for all you Nolan fans. I'll be stay spoiler free throughout. For some context, I've been a big fan of Nolan since Batman Begins, saw Inception eleven times in its first year, thought that The Prestige and Inception were masterpieces, that Interstellar IMAX was the greatest cinematic experience of my life, I love TDKR, and I saw Dunkirk three times in IMAX.

First I'm going to say my opinion could easily change with rewatches and I hope it does. But this was the most confusing movie I've ever seen. And not in a good way. Coming from someone who thought Inception was relatively simple, easy to understand, and straightforward. It really doesn't help that you have to strain to hear most of the dialogue and chunks of it with critical info is unintelligible. And I thought the sound mix in Interstellar was fine and understand what Nolan was going for, and loved Bane's pre-ADR voice. I watched it in a near-empty theater too, so this would have been even worse in a packed audience with people making noise.

I've never been one to focus on or agree with the "flaws" that people have said have been consistent to Nolan, like too much exposition, weak characters, bad sound mixing, cold and emotionless, etc. But in Tenet these are all actual flaws and on full display. Sadly while it's a much better film than The Phantom Menace of course, it's kind of like George Lucas having total freedom and his weakness and worse tendencies being on display.

The idea is great. There's times when it feels like the film is getting into its element. But sadly...the story is just not that good. I can't help but feel he wasted such a unique concept on a generic save the world plot and just ended up with the most confusing and convoluted James Bond movie ever (more than Quantum of Solace).

Again, I've never been one to complain about lack of emotion or coldness in Nolan films. I actually think it's done excellently in Batman Beigns, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, Inception, TDKR, Interstellar. Here the emotional core of the film just feels forced and tacked on. Borden's (Bale's) relationship with his daughter in The Prestige, for example, was done so much better. The cast of characters are...not great. The protagonist is literally called "the protagonist." Loved Inception's whole cast with Cobb, Ariadne, Eames, Arthur, etc. And any lack of development for those characters at least had the excuse that the only "real" characters in the film might have been Cobb and Ariadne. Here, John David Washington is very good but gets little to work with, Robert Pattinson is a lot of fun but he doesn't get much time or development.

So yeah, easily the weakest film by Nolan, aside from Insomnia which I haven't seen. Definitely the worst first impression I've gotten from one by far.

The Prestige
The Dark Knight
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight Rises
Dunkirk (nothing wrong with it, just don't love it as much)

I don't want to be too down on it. I enjoyed it well enough, I'll definitely see it again, and a lot of the action was great. But it's no Inception.

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Now I’ve seen this properly (and first, serious serious hats off to that London drive in - Troubadour Meridian Water in Enfield - for *nailing* the sound, dialogue and music as clear as it can be over radio - even fixing some of original cinema mix’s much reported issues. Just quality of everything, *this* is the place to go if you aren’t, like me, ready for indoor cinema at this time)... this isn’t Nolan’s masterpiece. But it certainly is the *most* Nolan. It’s a hell of an unwieldy beast. Less Bond but more...Mission Impossible Fallout - it’s relentless. As mentioned first time there’s something in the way it doesn’t unleash the timey wimey madness right away but it gradually builds, the inversion is almost a character in itself, before it goes all out nuts.

He lulls us into an old school almost by the numbers but slick and very Nolan still spy thriller before pulling the rug under us almost. The world building in this also, we’ve seen elements of this with Inception and Interstellar and odds of sequels/prequels/inverquels are nil but the world of Tenet is one I really hope Nolan allows further canonised exploration of - maybe comics? So much more to explore here. There’s a certain self awareness to it all, people say Nolan’s made the film people stereotype him for and he did! On purpose, knowingly.

The cast is absolutely impeccable here, JDW and Pattinson are just dynamite and carry this entire thing, Washington especially. Of course there’s a certain element of wish they were in it more with Caine, Taylor Johnson, Poésy etc but they were great as they are. Ultimately and I don’t think that’s a bad thing, they’re all chess pieces in this massive game that Nolan’s laying out, the fate of the world. Can we talk about Dimple Kapadia as the absolute MVP though, what a fresh-feeling and charismatic twist on an M-type figure. In fact there’s something in the way Nolan plays with all those Bond/spy tropes with the right balance of freshness, self awareness and straightheadedness.

The one IMO weakness is how much the themes for the first time end up taking a backseat. There’s always been something thematic driving the high concept - eg returning to family in Inception - but here that aspect felt like a box tick mention. But appropriate for the spy genre? After all, this is a save the world story, with the biggest stakes for a Nolan film yet. The scale of this is just jaw dropping, especially knowing how much was shot and executed for real. And Ludwig’s score, my god. Relentless, it’s very evocative of Nolan’s new more experimental and visceral blockbuster stage of filmmaking he’s come into with Dunkirk and now this. The detail and the intricacies of it, while carrying an incredible energy throughout and feeling fresh. And I really appreciated the Bondian touches - the guitar, the synergy with Travis Scott’s song...

Looking forward to diving even more with the screenplay, home release and..one day...when this is closer to over...IMAX 70mm...

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I really liked it. I can't really go into tons of detail, it's honestly hard for me to coherently give my opinions on all the intricacies of the film. But I was immensely entertained. The movie and overall story is messy, but I still found it incredibly satisfying. Some have labeled it as "dumb" and I just don't agree. There are things in the film that aren't very well drawn out, but the revelations of the film I thought were smart and incredibly well done.

I will say I wish it did have a bit more of a sense of humor to it. I feel like it would make it more fun on rewatches. IDK that may just be me, but I do feel more joy in something like an Inception. That movie isn't cracking jokes every 30 seconds, but it may also be in the editing of the movie. I didn't feel like this allowed itself to breathe as some of Nolan's other works.

The action itself is spectacular. The highlights would be the opening siege, which is just so incredible. Like, what a great way to start a movie, then the JDW vs "SWAT guy" fights, and the car chase. Those in particular were incredibly thrilling

All in all, it's like an 8-8.5/10 for me.

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I've watched Tenet twice now and I can give my review for the film.
The first time I watched it I was overwhelmed to be honest. I still loved the movie but it was so much to process and I wasn't sure if I was buying what I was watching.
The movie really has you hooked on the screen to follow the plot and the rules that it sets combined with the editing and sound design which are quite assaultive. If I try to label this movie I'd say is a James Bond movie with Memento/Inception kind of narrative combined with the tension of Dunkirk in some scenes.
I know many people don't like the first half of the film because of the exposition, I personally loved it. I found it very intriguing and some of my favourite actions scene are in the first half. The second half is still great but it's my least favourite of the film when it comes to action. The scene reminded me a lot the last act of Inception, I felt it was a bit bloated but I loved the climax.
Action scenes are really spectacular, I think here we have the best combat scene Nolan has ever directed. The way the characters are dressed and the they move made the scene more visceral which is something I want Nolan to embrace more. Car chase and Opera house sequences are just flawless. So much tension.
The movie is complex for sure, but for me that wasn't a negative. Instead it hooked me in and sparked my interest to watch it again and again.
Performances are great my faves are JDW,Pattinson - least faves Debicki, Branaugh.

I have a few negatives that I want to say. One is indeed the mixing at least for a non native English speaker like me. It's hard to follow because people have also different accents, but it wasn't that bad as some reviews mentioned...
Second is the villain for me, who is a serviceable villain that we've seen countless times in a Bond film. I don't know whether it is the character or the performance. But I wasn't a fan. I didn't find him menacing really.

My rating was 4 and after the first rewatch it went to 4.5. My Nolan ranking after Tenet:
1. Dunkirk
2. Interstellar
3. The Prestige
4. Memento
5. Tenet / Inception
6. The Dark Knight / Batman Begins
7. The Dark Knight Rises
8. Insomnia
9. Following
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Do you actually think JDW is the protagonist?

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