Tenet User Reviews/Reactions [Possible SPOILERS]

An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on August 12, 2020
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Sanchez wrote:
August 26th, 2020, 6:52 pm
@Ruth brilliant review!! :clap:

Zimmeredge wrote:
August 26th, 2020, 6:00 pm
Here, it's not totally not the case. No long dialogues to explain what's what. No need explain the rules of the world.
Not sure if we watched the same movie, because I don't think ten minutes ever went by without somebody needing to explain something or talk about how the world or certain objects worked. The scenes with Poésy (the same ones from the trailer where she talks about 'catching the bullet' and shit) are the only ones where it's straightforward. Halfway through and to the end you're bombarded with info.

Sure I can just ignore what I'm being told and rather focus on the action, but I want to try and understand everything that's going on. That's really hard on the first viewing. Not saying it's inherintly a bad thing, I love to find new things upon rewatching movies, but I think with Tenet it is much more convoluted than it needed to be. Your brain is already working overtime trying to process the visualization of the inversions, which makes it even harder to also having to figure out all the laws of the physics as well as the complexity and objective of the mission and so on.
I'm sure we did watch the same movie. I tried to understand everything at first screening and although I have a good grasp of it, I also need further screenings. But as I said it is pretty straightforward in its structure and in its plot
The structure in itself can be explained by the fact that we only see the third act of a bigger movie and therefore we are missing some pieces but those are not needed to understand the feature (plot, characters, motives, themes, underlying messages). And we are indeed bombarded with informations we might or might not need down the road.

TENET does not give nor provide any piece information on how this thing (inversion and future people) works when you, as an audience, want it. Almost all the things that characters are talking about is how we go from A to B and B to C in the very first half.
If you consider Poesy's scene as the only straightforward scene it's also the only one trying to explain but... funnily enough she does not explain anything. She just basically say it's a phenomenon that's happening and that's it: "Don't try to understand feel".
The rest of the dialogues in the first half? It's a typical spy movie at its core: a russian villain that rats on MI6 or provides secrets to them, a gorgeous looking asset and person of interest who tries to fly away from a dangerous situation and how the protagonist tries to have leverage on her to reach for the villain, a in-between women who knows too much but does not speak much about what she knows.

I think the hype surrounding the movie ("wtf is TENET, damn I, as curious move-goer, I wanna know?") and considering it is directed by Nolan, people will go to the theater with their brain already melting with theories and images.
Nolan probably read people criticizing him for making things complicated and/or rational/realistic in Inception and Interstellar. As a result, although pacy because of its particular structure, you have less dialogues to support the phyics of the world or the narratives for two obvious reasons:
-In phyics, sometimes you can only observe and not explain a phenomenon,
-Experience is the key. Go through it, you will get it once you see it.

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Just came back from the screening.

I loved it. Can't understand how one man alone can imagine such things.
As far as the emotionless critics, I think Interstellar is his most emocional one and my favourite, but in the case of Tenet I don't think it's the kind of movie that is in need of such emotion and stuff.

It's a genre not meant to be a movie where people are supposed to cry or feel heartbroken. It's an action movie, pretty much like Bond.
The characters have motive and although the plot in it's essence it's simple, it has deep thoughts, dialogues, it's thick and has a lot of substance.

That being said, it has some parts that are really a mindfuck and I need to see it again to fully grasp some concepts and to analyze better how it was done. I loved it.

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I was gonna start this with something but I forgot so anyway...
Edit: I remember! Elizabeth Debicki is fucking tall and gorgeous.

I loved it (shocker).

TENET is both the most Nolan film ever and also his most different endeavor as well. If you’ve seen his previous work, you’ll recognize a lot of his signature style. But he also goes into different territories here.

The movie throws a lot at you and wants you to keep up (probably you won’t on a first watch). But sometimes knowing things doesn’t really help at all. All you need is to let go and just take in what’s happening emotionally.

I’m too tired to write much about this right now lol. (Great words Ruth).

About the audio, the mix is quite heavy on the low end but idk music has nothing to do with dialogue unintelligibly to me at least. It is loud, yes, but I only really had a problem with the dialogue was in one action packed sequence.

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So, I just got back to from the theatre. I am just going to lay out my general thoughts:
I really liked it, super good time at the theatre.
I generally really liked it, letting it just wash over me. I felt like this movie was Nolan bingo. All his pet obsessions are there: Spousal relationship amidst a sci fi spectacle, time, lies, suicide, and trashing every type of vehicle. I loved the craft on display in the film: the cinematography the editing. The prologue was different which made me happy. I also loved how vicious and unpleasant the movie was at times…it made the stakes and tension.
I do not agree with the general sentiment that the movie is cold, humorless, characterless, and a misstep. I thought that every scene built to the next, sort of teaching you how to watch it. I even laughed outload during a few moments, I think it was some of RP dry witty responses. The actors did a great job; I have to say, the abuse subplot with Kenneth Branagh and Elizabeth Depicke worked for me. It is an inversion of the Nolan usual spousal relationship. In fact, I think both are actors are great, and truly, I find myself needing to defend Branagh, there is an honesty to his portrayal. I think he is up there with the Joker and Bane in the Nolan villain-canon, but for the opposite reason: he is so petty and human and resentful.
I also think that this movie must have been inspired by the making of Dunkirk. Nolan seems to be obsessed with a sort of Point-of-view filmmaking, a Roshomonness. Just like how in Dunkirk we see different characters witness the same event, and how the information/impact is different, Tenet is a furthering of that approach.
I think this movie might be Nolan’s most stylish. The production design was so detailed, along with some bold editing choices. I am glad that Nolan doesn’t overindulge in things like slo-mo, but man do I wish some shots where slowed down so I could revel in the insanity. This is not about shot length or composition, but because everything was in real time my mind was having trouble keeping up with all the cool shit. The imagery he uses to reinforce the movies concept where super cool:
the fence that sort of slices up the image, the wind farm, the side mirror, the red and blue room (I think that section was my favorite, some wild stuff). As for the eagle mountain stuff, I loved the imagery and the individual shots, but holy shit does it make the brain hurt. They should have given the two different teams red and blue overalls...the arm bands are not a good visual aid.
I feel like a lot of the reactions I see seem to be reacting poorly to the movie’s genre trappings. People are being very ungenerous to it. M:1 Fallout has like a 98% Rt score, and Henry Cavill uses the expression: “Why won’t you just die?” (unironically) So apparently, we are okay with clichés if Tom Cruise is involved. The movie was an action/adventure movie, where Nolan makes abstract paintings out of action scenes, and I am here for that.
The sound mix…was fucking shit. This has been a constant Nolan problem. He needs to figure this out. Both myself and my partner couldn’t make heads or tails of like 50% of the dialogue.
I have no opinion on the score…which is disappointing. The first time I saw Nolan’s previous movies the scores instantly stuck out as iconic and special. This one may make an impression over time, but so far I’m ambivalent.
I love that the movie is essential about a son saving his mom.
Just my general thoughts. I think, so far, I’m more in love with Inception, Dark Knight, The prestige, Memento, Intertellar, and Dunkirk (I can’t even rank these six because I love them all equally for different reasons). It is better than Batman Begins, DKR, Insomnia, and Following.

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quick scene from film

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The Special One wrote:
August 26th, 2020, 11:53 pm
quick scene from film
What the hell does he say between 'conventional' and 'they have it all' lol

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atwins wrote:
August 27th, 2020, 1:12 am
The Special One wrote:
August 26th, 2020, 11:53 pm
quick scene from film
What the hell does he say between 'conventional' and 'they have it all' lol
I believe he is telling the soldiers that the men they will be fighting have people who are inverted, regular, and invert antagonists, they have soldiers who can do it all

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I've seen it yesterday and I'll see it in IMAX today, so I'll post a review after that, but I couldn't keep this to myself: to those saying that the score is nothing special... I mean... I honestly thought this was one of the best scores for a Nolan film. There are a number of memorable themes, and it's very energetic and a number of times even melodic. I'm really not sure why many didn't like it. It's one of the best for me. But more on this later today.

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Watched it a third time.

The good parts age like fine wine, but unfortunately, they are weighed down by the dull parts in between that only get more and more sleep-inducing with every viewing.

If only there was a 2-hour Dunkirk-like cut with only the good bits, I would pay to watch it again without hesitation.

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A truly bad film. A supine stupidity.

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