Tenet Reviews/Reactions [Possible SPOILERS]

An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on August 12, 2020
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mosh89 wrote:
August 22nd, 2020, 3:31 am
Why So Serious? wrote:
August 22nd, 2020, 3:28 am
Kind a sad that nobody praise the writing, seems like the weak part. I guess this one will not be nominated for anything big, just some technical staff._.

Really hope Nolan is done with blockbusters and will go back to something smaller.
I would like to see Nolan Focus on directing and have some else write the script. I believe last time that happened was Insomnia
It is quite unlikely that we will be seeing story driven films like Insomnia or Prestige from Nolan going forward. That era ended with inception.

How they even shot that scene without CGI has become an indispensable part of Nolan's brand now.

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i found this review (in spanish) wich gave me a lot of hope, heres some of the points sumarized

-the film rests on the concept of spy movies, the plot iself with out the time elements, feels like a classic bond film
-there are parts of the film where you purposely dont know what really is going on, and you have to let yourself go, take a leap of faith if you will
-it introduces new and radical imagery, it will probably be as iconic as the matrix was when it came out in terms of fantastic iconic images
-the film its poisoned when it comes to the "logic driven" part of the audience (ie: people who cant enjoy a film if they dont fully grasp it inmediatly)
-Tenet is the threading of an imposible plot to comprehend in its entirety, but absolutely fascinating in its threading of images "on the limit"
-the only negative ish point for this person was perhaps the soundtrack, too white knucled and electronic for his taste
in synthesis, Tenet is the realization of a film wich, the day before i saw i thought was impossible, and that is its biggest merit (paraphrasing his words there)

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79% on RT, considering the clear divide amongst film critics that’s a great score but as people say on here it’s meaningless.

The better and more important news is the general public who have seen it and posting on social media are RAVING about it and most mentioning booking a 2nd visit immediately.

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I am not surprised about the score, because remember most of the people were harsh about the movie before it came out because they disliked it that it comes out in the middle of the pandamic. I am very happy and it is not surprise that Nolan made another good film to enjoy, because some directors makes some midiocre films in between the good ones.

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There are 2 scenarios which i would have very much liked to see unfolding --

1. If TENET was officially a BOND movie.. and Nolan perhaps re-booting the franchise with TENET the way it was speculated.. and 'The Protagonist' being '007'

2. and ofcourse, how far the TENET reviews and hype would have got or how it would have played had there been no pandemic and having released after No Time To Die and Black Widow

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We need a thread for user reactions

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Dobson wrote:
August 22nd, 2020, 5:19 am
We need a thread for user reactions
will do once i’m on my computer and move some of these posts out there

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I hope their is loads of Quantum physics in this movie. I love Quantum theory! I find it fascinating. I enjoy explaining the many worlds interpretation, or the Copenhagen interpretation to people and watching the sheer confusion come on their faces when they discover the world of the micro behaves very differently to the world of the macro.

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Like others who saw the movie....i am too in the same boat..
The movie, for the relaxed mind, or for teenager mind, can be too much, and that too much result not in a wonderful movie, but in something too hard to keep up and understand...
Inception was very nice movie for all because the main thing was the dream thing that all of us experience in our lifetime...but here...its something too original...and it is coming after weeks and month of covid, where a lot of minds are too relax for this movie
You must see it twice, and be aware, if you are too tired, skip it..it will make you very uncomfortable

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Do people even care about Rotten Tomatoes, really? :lol:

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