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An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on August 12, 2020
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OVERMAN wrote:
May 22nd, 2020, 1:13 am
Nicolaslabra wrote:
May 22nd, 2020, 12:32 am
this quote thing is getting quite large hehe.
look what i mean is, Warners strategy with turning Nolan into a franchise isnt to make him feel good, or for its own sake, i speculate that in their board meetings they came to the conclusion that to compete in the current cinema climate, one of superhero franchises, they need to have ones of their own, besides the DCEU, Nolan doesnt do franchise movies anymore, so in a marketing sense, they make him the franchise, the brand, Nolan is the saga with 10 other movies, some of them worthier of mention in the trailers, and it has worked with his other films, take Denis Villeneuve for example, his films have not reached the same audience as Chris`s, and i blame the marketing team behind his films, if he is to be really successful in nowdays, they should make him a franchise aswell, (hopefully Dune does well for him, Denis is THE SHIT)
Sam Mendes took note, 1917 was promoted as another film from the director of Skyfall

i hope my point was clearer this time.
Agree with your marketing point, I'm sure that's how WB sees it. But man, now that you say that, it begs the question: How important is it to sell a movie like 2049 using films like what... Prisoners? Enemy? Incendies? I mean it almost sounds pointless in a grand scale not because the movies are bad but because they are so bloody different and in that sense it applies to Nolan. Sure it helps if their previous films were a box office success like Mendes and Skyfall (and this applies to Nolan too) but you know, like I say, it'd be interesting to know what Mr. Nolan thinks of this tactic. I have the impression he's a pretty laid-back guy who would rather a movie like this (an original story) attract the audience on it's own merits rather than having the push to sell it in such a way under his name where they need to put footage from his previous films on the trailer... :D

I mentioned it felt more like an "in memoriam" during that part precisely because it's selling nostalgia of these pictures, with footage that makes it feel as if we are remembering a recently deceased director who's filmography we are celebrating. :?
Yeah, well i consider Sicario and Arrival pretty good banner names for Denis, he could use them and Blade Runner as impulse for Dune, as for what Nolan thinks, we know he`s not an egomaniac, he`d rather just do a normal trailer, but WB lets him make whatever he wants, so the name milking can be forgiven i think, i also think that as long as Chris is up for these event blockbusters, we better not expect a marketing campaing thats too experimental, i could see it in his later work, when he retires from the being "the director on the top of hollywood", when he starts making smaller and more intimate stuff, thats where he will go on an auteur-extravaganza and make really dense stuff, i believe.

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Yes, that's what I get with a few seconds of his terrible acting and what about it?. It's my impression of the trailer.
Those fucking fanboys on everyone's neck when they don't read what they want to read. Fuck off

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Lincoln wrote:
May 22nd, 2020, 1:54 am
Yes, that's what I get with a few seconds of his terrible acting and what about it?. It's my impression of the trailer.
Those fucking fanboys on everyone's neck when they don't read what they want to read. Fuck off
Aaand... Reported.

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90% of the European, Asian, South American or African market
I live in South America, you can notice it by my bad english.
I don't know what a Jack Ryan is
And his acting is still not good.

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On my left, a random basement dweller browsing NolanFans.

On my right, the president of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art of London, winner of multiple BAFTAs, Emmy Awards and five times Golden Globe and Academy Awards nominee.

Geez, I wonder whose opinion is trash and whose is not.

I don't mind people saying "I didn't like X or Y acting", but do not affirm the acting is bad when you have no idea what you're talking about.

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JohnnyTheKid wrote:
May 22nd, 2020, 1:21 am
Hahahhah what a dumb comment..

Im sure all spy action movie due to this guy views is 90% bond...LOL

I dont know how TF this guy see JDW character resembles to bond character..

This movie has a white russian villain is because the theme is about cold war which involve russia

Why a russian white male is problem for you??

Do you think a black/latinos/asian man represent russian villain is fit your agenda in nowdays movie??

Johnny what's up with all the hostility around race man, chill.

Not to answer for the guy but I reckon he meant Mr. Washington's character happens to be a handsome gentleman agent/spy that wears expensive suits, wants to save the world and carries a suppressed gun, that's how he resembles Bond. He just happens to be black and American instead of white and British.

As for the white Russian (great drink) business I believe Oku's issue doesn't have anything to do with race or nationality, it's probably more about than the fact that white Russians happen to be overused as villains for movies, video games, etc.

Listen I don't know about Oku but if it was up to me it would've been perfectly fine to have a British villain if you're gonna hire this actor. I think Mr. Brenagh has a delightful British accent, or they could have hired someone else to play a Portuguese villain, or a Chilean villain, or an Egyptian villain or a Chinese villain. Well, probably not a Chinese villain because for some reason Hollywood doesn't do Chinese villains lately, I wonder why, it's very odd...

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Lincoln wrote:
May 22nd, 2020, 1:40 am
I love it,
But I'm worried that his biggest film yet (like he called it) could be received with lukewarm reception or panned.
When a new movie is coming it will be called the best movie yet...i dont think Nolan himself ever did say that...if he did, please let us know, with a link, or quote

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Already 2.3 million views

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Reading through the past few pages, I think I don't need the forums in my life right now :D

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I love how many people because of this, thinks that Robert P is the right actor for the batman also after all his statements ...but no, sorry, but here Robert P cannot act like a child with directors like Chr Nolan or James do your best, or you get out
So, Roberts batman is still in question until we will see some acting prof that he cares and he do justice to the character

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