An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on August 12, 2020
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If there's a prologue along with the first full trailer it will be with star wars and the prologue is not exclusive to 70mm. Remember that Dunkirk prologue played also on digital Imax screens. Star Wars is a sure bet.

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Guess we'll find out around the same time the second trailer gets classified right antovolk? How long did that take with Nolan's previous films? Always around two weeks in advance right?

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Pointe Orlando definitely got the Dunkirk prologue with Rogue One, even when they’re stuck with the xneon system. I would assume Nolan/WB would be concerned with showing the prologue exclusively in theaters with the massive scale of IMAX, even if it’s not on film or in the full AR.

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antovolk wrote:
October 22nd, 2019, 6:04 am
I guess the truth of the matter is that management probably doesn't think the AR difference is worth it for the odd film a year if not less... 2020 is an anomaly with three full IMAX 70mm films (Bond, Wonder Woman and Tenet).

As as for people not caring - not even that many of those who even follow/report on film do. Nobody gave a shit when First Man didn't get prints and people I've spoken to didn't seem to really notice the difference when the IMAX footage didn't open up the way it should have when projected on Xenon.

Anyway, pessimism aside...the IMAX prologue stuff for this. TROS isn't gonna be getting any 15/70mm prints at all, so will probably be digital now also wonder if Nolan will do it at all still, given it won't be shown on film? (maybe places like the BFI that can switch easily between both projectors can still do it)
the dunkirk prologue played in laser IMAX, which probably has more screens than 15/70 did during Rogue One + laser at the time in 2016. who knows, though.


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Alex and I drove 3.5hrs to Ft. Lauderdale just for the Dunkirk prologue in Laser lol

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Sure but this would be the first Nolan prologue potentially without any 70mm...and whether that would be a deal-breaker for him doing one this time.

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Initially? yes. But what are the chances of it being attached to Bond? Maybe delay it to come out with/or even without a third trailer in April. While only releasing a trailer with SW.

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what do you think guys about this situation maybe they gonna release the prologue with all STAR WARS DIGITAL IMAX SHOWS RATHER XENON or LASER just to get the maximum attention for me STAR WARS and christmas new year time is better to promote the movie with a cult like star wars rather than BOND

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My guess is no prologue, just for secrecy. I question whether we get a full trailer 1 in December or not with TROS. Still feels a bit early. If you don't consider the first teaser an "official" teaser (since it wasn't online), maybe there is an official teaser in December.

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I think they're done shooting by then or else in that month. Like with Dunkirk, the third trailer was the one closest to how the film actually is, as compared to the second trailer. I wonder if it will have any impact on the marketing when it comes to how far along they are with editing and possible VFX.

I do think December is the right time to make a big impression. Star Wars IX will probably make some $2 billion worldwide lol

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