An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on July 17, 2020.
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Mr. Alley wrote:
December 18th, 2019, 9:59 am
If you have any questions please feel free to ask them :)
I'm free all day and I am excited to share my Nolan-passion with others. Im obviously the only one in my family and sadly only one of a few in my filmmaker community with that amount of passion towards our lord and savior :gonf:
Is it related to Inception?

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Tell me one thing.

You say prologue is all from one location. Is it then an entire action sequence in real time that one can see in the movie when it releases July 2020? OR is there stitching / editing involved?

OR put it another way : Is it a special cut or simply a part of the film, like prologue of The Dark Knight and its sequel?

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This sounds fucking amazing :o I'm curious about Jennifer Lame's editing.

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It does sound very intriguing. Especially in regards to JDW's character.

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Noping out of this thread, see you after I hopefully catch this tonight!

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Dear Mr. Alley, thank you very much! For a lot of us you're the most important person in the internet in these couple of hours. :D I only have one question.
Where... is... Harvey... Dent?
You said we're witnessing the car crash in reverse and the only way I can imagine it is that the cars are in pieces and then they magically assemble (is it the correct word?) themselves. Does it happen this way, or how can we imagine it?
Edit: after seeing the clip my question is outdated and holy fuck!
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Thank you Mr. Alley! :clap:

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Wow, sounds amazing, can you tell anything about score or cinematography? Thanks in advance
The score is like an extended version of the teaser track. Very heavy on the electronics and with these characteristic hits. Played very well with the scene - very tense.

Regarding cinematography I think I didn't spot a single obvious handheld shot. Despite the events in the prologue a very smooth camera. Maybe Hoyte broke his back after filming Dunkirk :D

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