Tenet Official Images/Posters

An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on August 12, 2020
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It's like they really don't wanna show or spoil any other visual than JDW standing somewhere with a gun and wearing a mask.

I had high hopes for the IMAX poster and this is just alright :lol:

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Damn. The keyarts have been shit for this

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I'm less than impressed

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Reported for posting in wrong thread, because there's no way in hell THAT'S official. :shock:
Just...awful :lol:

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lol for an IMAX poster, this is a big disappointment

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I'm going to have a good laugh if the posters are some foreshadowing of the movie future critic-wise at least

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Here goes the IMAX poster as well... What a bunch of disappointing posters for this movie.

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come on, what was the last time a huge blockbuster had something other than a lackluster generic poster ?

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