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An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on August 12, 2020
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UK cinemas starting to show it from today with Tarantino as well.

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I'm seeing both Hobbs & Shaw and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in IMAX next week, so I'll see if it's attached to one them, both or not attached at all.

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Nice teaser. I love the Inception vibe 8-)

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Don't we all have a pretty good cam version out there? Haven't we all seen it by now? I'm not sure what the frustration is. We'll get it in HD whenever Nolan/WB decides to put it online.

The reason it's not online is clearly one of two reasons:
- The recent shootings.
- Nolan/WB decided to make it exclusive to theaters.

Or both. And I understand both scenarios. Seems simple enough, right?

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Can we stop using the recent shootings as an excuse to why this trailer isn't online

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But I want it now!! in a Veruca Salt type voice

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Honestly, it would be stupid of them to release it after the hype has cooled down. And the hype has indeed cooled down.

Put it on the Blu-ray for archival purposes at least. It’s just strange that they did follow the usual one year ahead teaser but at the same time changed the plan by not releasing it online.

One more thing, the spinning in the website hasn’t changed at all. Stop being delusional guys :P
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I was told the trailer will not be made available online. A cinema exclusive only.

Nolan doesn't care about your feelings. I'm seeing it in IMAX on Friday anyway.

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Would anyone be so kind as to PM the link to download the bootleg of the teaser, please?

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"Nolan doesn't care about your feelings."

Some people say they liked the prologue for Dunkirk better than the movie itself. I see them online trying to find a high quality video of the prologue because the liked its editing better.

Now one can understand why people here want that teaser online whether or not they have access to a cinema screening of the same.

I am all for theatrical exhibition having certain previleges but Nolan seems to be a bit lost here. Unlike Interstellar, Dunkirk was released the same day in film and digital cinemas.

I mean, GOOD LUCK with digital cinema. Consumer televisions offer far better picture quality. There are 8K HDR TVs with upscaling so there is no point in going to cinema as far as the QUALITY is concerned. And of course, Tenet is expected to be showcased in all time low number of 70mm IMAX theatres.

So what is the point? What is he up to? It's leaving a really bad taste in our mouth that's all.

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