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An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on August 12, 2020
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I just need one cast member to drunkenly slip the fact it's not related to Inception.

Zimmer being out was already a huge blow, this being a sequel to Inception will be devestating

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Yeah, Angus's post 100% has got to be it; nice analysis, man.

It's a super clever tagline in that respect, in that it has the surface-level meaning of "it's time for a black Bond" for people (like me) who took the tagline for face value, but then it goes a step further in rewarding people (like Angus) who analyzed it for a deeper meaning.

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Judging by the teaser alone it looks like we will have characters moving forward in environments where everything is moving backwards. Will be crazy to watch. Does anyone know what scientific/sci-fi element this is? Has it ever been done before? What would this mean in the story? Time manipulation?

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Can someone PM me a high-quality bootleg, please. Thanks :D

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Is the teaser only playing on IMAX screens?

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So I finally caved and watched the bootleg... First thing that stood out to me was that score sounds incredible. I love that it has more of an electronic vibe compared to Hans Zimmer's... It's like Zimmer on acid.

Also, does anyone see the similarities between that final shot of the light hitting JDW and that scene from Inception where it's almost the same effect with Leo? It looks too similar to be a coincidence but I feel that while this might not be a sequel to Inception, perhaps there's some kind of connection with the technology they use.

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I think "protagonist" is a supporter, and "tenet" is a cause.
Meaning that JDW is a supporter of a cause; He's a protagonist of the tenet.

Impressive work man, great stuff

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AsianVersionOfET wrote:
August 2nd, 2019, 11:50 am
I need this trailer released in HD goodness right now. Come on Nolan, bless us with your glorious seed. I want it in my brain.
A literal mindfuck.

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