Behind the scenes - Set Photos/Videos (Potential Spoilers)

Christopher Nolan's time inverting spy film that follows a protagonist fighting for the survival of the entire world.
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There are no jokes with heat.
Daddy is a shining example for us.

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KDG wrote:
August 2nd, 2019, 10:06 am
I wonder how many of those hats Chris owns.
I thought it was a Tilly hat, but the brim seems too big. Another Nolan mystery!

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Yeah...when spoiler tags abound in the set photos thread, which already has a pre-established spoiler tag in the title, you know it's time to bail LOL.

It was good knowing you, I'll be back after the movie is out. :D

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Shooting in Hotel Caruso today


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mmm yes

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Yeah it’s still Debicki.
Looks like they filmed two different scenes there.
One with John David and Debicki walking on to the boat and another with Branagh and her in scuba gear.

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Goddamn. That’s awesome. I would act like a damn fool if I met Nolan

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