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An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on August 12, 2020
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intersteIIarx wrote:
July 16th, 2020, 10:02 am
hamid1993ss wrote:
July 16th, 2020, 9:40 am
intersteIIarx wrote:
July 16th, 2020, 9:28 am

“International markets coming to the point to refuse to show their movies”
Let me stop you there. Cinema chains and the industry at large is losing money every day they don’t open. They won’t open for Unhinged but there’s no way they aren’t gonna show Tenet. They need to show as many new tentpole/blockbuster films as possible to attract more butts in seats and generate enough revenue to cover their overheads. They’re at the mercy of studios feeding them films to exhibit, not the other way around
What i am trying to say that what if most of the international markets will go out of business? Wb will lose more and more money. Most of the money comes from international markets and not from US. WB and Nolan should be happy that international markets are open and running. Delaying it every time by 2 weeks will solve nothing, we will be sitting here for ever. US will be not better untill 2021.

If they delay it again, most of the people will lose their interest in this movie because how long will they be hyped for movie that comes never out?

Sorry but Nolan becoming very anoying now. If he wants to help movie theaters he should look at the international markets as well and not only US movie theaters.
Dude be realistic. Even if international markets and their respective cinemas were open at full capacity they would struggle reach Interstellar’s $488M international gross without the lucrative Chinese market which contributed $122M.

So in these current circumstances where, typical regular patrons are disenfranchised and scared to go, cinemas are operating at 50% or less capacity and countries like China, Russia and Australia have only a small portion of cinemas open.... you have to admit Nolan and WB aren’t just taking a hit, they’re taking a huge hit where it might not even reach its intial production budget of $200M +

Just have a look at the international BO figures, it’s very weak

Lets be real here. Scoob! came in torrent sites like Rarbg.to so most of the people saw it on torrent sites or saw it by renting it. So who wants to watch Scoob! if they watched it already and Scoob! received poor reviews from critics.

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you’re obviously missing the point. It’s not about Scoob and you clearly haven’t read the article. I’m not gonna bother explaining it again so good luck to you. Just a little hunch I have, I don’t think WB’s entire film slate and largest chess piece of Tenet’s release date is swayed by a random person’s email.The option of releasing in international markets before domestic has always been on the table because WB have been assessing all release strategy possibilities.

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Lincoln wrote:
July 16th, 2020, 10:12 am
Well there you go like i predicted that US will be not better untill 2021. And when July 2021 comes we will be talking this shit again. Vaccine will be not available untill 2022 and vaccine will not go away.

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Lincoln wrote:
July 16th, 2020, 10:12 am

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To hell with financial analyst, their "reporting" or "rating" of stocks often drives the narrative of companies instead of just reporting on it, often to the detriment to working class people.

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At the rate we’re going we should just let everyone in America get it, then we can be done with this much sooner so we can get back to the movies lol

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Honestly if they decide to wait for the US the hype would die completely, and I seriously doubt WB wants that since the marketing campaign is still active and has been extensive af. Just imagine, we are closer than ever to the release date and saying "well sorry but it won't come out this year" What would happen then? Another year of waiting?? And then what? Casual viewers would not even remember the film existed. So start another marketing campaign from scratch?? And we don't even know if the situation would have been handled by then. Maybe it's going to be even worse. What matters now is that the release date is approaching, and if it stood, there would be many people who could go to their local IMAX theatres to watch it. So release it now, as its not possible that theatres will be open in every major market by even the end of 2021. And killing the hype for that long would ultimately kill the movie.
They might delay it just a little bit more to have more time to make the decision but when they see that the US' situation is hopeless maybe they will realize that international release is the only way.

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Lincoln wrote:
July 16th, 2020, 10:12 am

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Release the movie in every country/region with open movie theaters. It doesn‘t make sense anymore to wait for the biggest states/cities of the US. Large parts of USA are clearly too stupid to stop the increase.

Nolan did his best to save american movie theaters. But he has to accept the reality by now.

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