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An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on August 12, 2020
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Cilogy wrote:
December 23rd, 2019, 3:00 pm
Haven't been around here to avoid spoilers, but

Just read mention of a theory on Reddit about how this is set in the Inception universe but JDW's character is on the other side of extraction working security. Any discussion about that?
Yeah, no lol

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Yeah, I don’t think TENET is related to INCEPTION in anyway. TENET seems like much, much darker film. Also, I just realized that there is no straight up villain in INCEPTION
while TENET seems to have one or maybe several villains.

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Even if it was set in the Inception universe. What purpose would that serve? Theres no story to tell with Cobb et al, it would provide nothing but a cheap nostalgia laced thrill, you know how hollow that would feel? Ask a Star Wars fan...

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anakin234 wrote:
December 23rd, 2019, 1:07 pm
A few curious observations I have made about the Tenet marketing:

1. Trailers and posters for Chris Nolan’s films almost always contain the tagline “From the director of…” and then lists his well known films. Usually Inception and TDK Trilogy. However, this is nowhere to be found on ANY of the Tenet promo materials so far. Perhaps to avoid the connection to Inception??

2. Practically ZERO attention has been given to Robert Pattinson’s character in the promos so far. Very curious considering a star of his caliber’s involvement and his name isn’t even mentioned once in any promo materials.

3. In a recent interview Chris Nolan would not divulge ANY information about Tenet when they asked him for more details (as expected) however he went out of his way to mention that JDW is very much the hero of this movie. Combine this with the very first teaser’s mention of a new kind of protagonist” and I am beginning to believe this is some sort of misdirect from Nolan. Could this movie be setting JDW up as the primary VILLAIN instead ala Split?

I believe all of the above were done deliberately to misdirect audiences. Curious to hear others’ thoughts on these or if anyone else noticed this.

Three things:

1. If Nolan says JDW is "very much the hero of the story", then he is the hero.

2. Based on set photos and what we know from production, Pattinson has the same or equal screen time to JDW. He has a major role in this. He also has second billing behind JDW so that should tell you his role is big. As to why he is not in marketing, I am guessing because Nolan wants to keep his character under wraps for now.

3. For the most part, Nolan always has 2 main antagonists in his movies.
Prof. Mann and Prof. Brand, Bane and Talia, Joker and Two Face, Scarecrow and Ra's Al Ghul, Mal and Fischer, Shivering Soldier and German Soliders, Angier and Angier Clone? lol, Lenny and Natalie

It is heavily inferred by the trailer/prologue sizzle reel that one antagonist is Kenneth Branagh's character.
If I had to guess the other one is either Elizabeth Debicki or Pattinson.
Since Nolan loves female villains, I will guess Debicki is the second villain. :ninja: .

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I personally don't think it's related to Inception, but every time I watch the Tenet trailer the screeching sound that is played during the train track scene reminds me so much of the sound the PASIV device makes in Inception. Anybody else notice this?

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Nolan seems to be almost going out of his way to attach audiences to JDW. “Time for a new protagonist.” “He’s very much the the hero.” And making JDW the only names actor in the trailers even though he’s not a name actor as of yet and there are far bigger stars in the cast.

The infatuation with JDW almost rises to the level of being peculiar, but I seriously doubt it’s a misdirect. They’re just building buzz for their leading man.

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Hopefully its because JDW gave an oscar worthy performance and they know its something special. So they are hyping it up.

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gropercity wrote:
December 23rd, 2019, 2:08 pm
blackColumn wrote:
December 23rd, 2019, 1:19 pm
Second and third questions are very interesting. Third on has actually been on mind previously as well.

Maybe JDW is the joker that steals the show while Pattinson's Batman is the good guy.
Nolan has already said JDW is the hero of the movie
"pretty much the hero"
& don't forget grey characters.

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IIIWheels wrote:
December 23rd, 2019, 7:56 pm
If I had to guess the other one is either Elizabeth Debicki or Pattinson.
Since Nolan loves female villains, I will guess Debicki is the second villain. :ninja: .
First, as I was reading this I though sure not but it would be interestingif turned out this way. Then I remembered TDKR and how like the
sizzle reel of Tenet
the lead female actually posed as a victim.

And having been bullied by someone with Elizabeth Debicki's profile picture hepls reinforce my suspicion.

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Has anyone here seen the Red Dwarf series and its “backwards” episode? I came across a comment on an article saying that Tenet new trailer feels like that. Didn’t know of its existence until now so I read the plot and the episode has an interesting concept for things in reverse. Not like they were the first though cause Bellona's Husband: A Romance (1887) had done time reverse narrative way before them as you can see.

What do you all think when compared to the footage (prologue and trailers) we have from Tenet?

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