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An original action espionage film releasing in IMAX on July 17, 2020.
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This is new ground for Nolan with JDW being the lead and I wonder if some of the film’s promotional materials will cater to black audiences. I’m curious to see how WB engages the demographic here.

I will say that my family is already sick of hearing me talk about it. Even my grandparents are excited to see this.

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Christopher Nolan said: "I was able to tell The Duke of Cambridge that I had just finished filming something and I’ve started to edit it.”

He is “feeling excited” about the project (#TENET) : “I enjoy editing and that’s the part of the process I’m in now. It’s the fun part.”


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And he deserves all of it. My man!

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Not sure if someone brought this up previously but..
I have been trying to figure out how can JDW character perceive things in reverse and I can only thing of this: He is able to perceive past and present/future at the same time, his mind is somehow able to switch and perceive what he needs at that very moment... To simplify it, imagine you are standing in between two trains, each going opposite direction and each train represents your life and u have the ability to peep into both and see what is happening there... Similar to Cobb's drawing in inception with the circular arrows and line in between but in this case, there are two straight lines going opposite directions and you are in the middle of the process. Not sure how that would work but it's the closest thing I can imagine :D

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Brad Bird
I love how Chris Nolan is constantly and simultaneously advocating hard for
(A) photographing on film
(B) seeing films in theaters and
(C) Legitimate IMAX (15 perf, 70mm) all at once in his trailer for TENET.

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