How many times have you seen Dunkirk?

The 2017 World War II thriller about the evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk beach.
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Once in lieMAX on a 15/70mm sized screen, once on standard 5/70mm. I so badly want to combine these two experiences, but the nearest IMAX 70mm location is 600-something miles away. I have one viewing planned in 70mm on Tuesday, I have to drag a friend along. I plan hundreds more viewings in my lifetime, format TBD.

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dsus4gtr wrote:Twice

1st in digital IMAX
2nd in 70mm Film

I will see it at least one more time. After 2 viewings for me, it is still a masterpiece, and I'm still blown away by all aspects of this film.
I feel like seeing it one more time in digital IMAX or standard theater but man I don't want to ruin the experience of already seeing it in 70MM twice. I think I'm curious enough to see how it plays in a non-70MM theatre.

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MuffinMcFluffin wrote:Twice. Digital regular, then 70mm IMAX.

I may get another 70mm IMAX viewing next Sunday with my sister and her boyfriend.
I've now seen it four times. I had a third time digitally in Reno, then the bold is the fourth time. Just came home from it.

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Twice is nice.

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Next Friday will be my 4th viewing:

Two at BFI IMAX in Waterloo (London) = IMAX 70mm
Two at Odeon Leicester Sq (London) = 70mm

I keep planning on watching it till it stops playing in theatres (or at least 2 more times haha). The thing is that I got vouchers and the Limitless card so I am spending not a penny ;).

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Three times:
1x IMAX 70mm (32m x 23m)
1x 70mm
1x Digital

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1: 70mm
2: Digital IMAX

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So who currently holds the record?

Who's seen it the most times? :D

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I think my cocaine

I mean MyCocaine

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m4st4 wrote:Twice, second time was even better. I teared up near the end. It's Hoyte van Hoytema's fault.
Same here. The cinematography got even more powerful the second time. (twice in 4K DCP)

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