How many times have you seen Dunkirk?

The 2017 World War II thriller about the evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk beach.
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I rewatched this over the weekend on Blu-ray. It was my second viewing, with the first time being on 70mm film (not IMAX). Weirdly enough, I think I got more out of it this time around and enjoyed it more. I definitely consider this to be Nolan's masterpiece, but we'll see if TENET can top it!

The cinematography is incredible, and the intensity! Once it was over I literally just wanted to rewind and watch it again. Two of my favorite bits were at the very end, when the soundtrack suddenly stops as Fionn Whitehead and Harry Styles are on the train. It's the first and only time the score stops and everything is silent. Seriously amazing and something I didn't remember from my first viewing.

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Still only once. Only this and Following from Nolan movies have never earned a rewatch.

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Cinema - 8 times (1 Imax).
And that's a quite interesting experience in general watching something many times in a such relatively short span of time (every second day). Each time you pay attention to different things (no shit, but I mean in a "gargantuan" scale), you more understand or "buy" directors choices, sometimes you weep, sometimes you don't etc.

Home - I think only twice, maybe three.

And I'm so eager to watch it again but my player is fucked up now :cry:

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Four times in cinema (three times IMAX), and one time streaming.

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I'm like ,,marshall'', i saw it 2 times, once in cinema (enjoy it, but i remember feeling a bit overwhelming with the first 30-40 minutes) and once when it hit the blu-ray, where i absolutely love it. The structure flow so much better and after hearing Nolan talking a lot about the film, it make a lot of sense why did he choose to go that route.
The structure of Dunkirk is a shepherd tone in itself, that's why the soundtrack work so well.
And there is character development, is just subtle and so in the moment that most people just missed.
Another thing that's great about this film, it's how classic it feels, it may look sophisticated, but it doesn't feel made today.

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Seven times in cinema (four IMAX), and several more on BD and TV. Even on a plane :facepalm:

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