How many times have you seen Dunkirk?

The 2017 World War II thriller about the evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk beach.
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Four times !

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Watched it for a second time yesterday. Probably my last time on IMAX :(

Went with my best friend and he loved it as well. The cinema was packed, but it was last showing on a Friday so that might've been why.

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Okay, I was just invited by friends for a sixth viewing of Dunkirk tonight... and I'm still going to see it in London in 70mm two weeks from now :D So I guess that's going to be seven for me.

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4 times so far.

1. digital
2. digital IMAX
3. digital
4. digital

Been trying to get a couple friends to road trip with me to Denver (about 8 hours from me) to see a 70MM print. People have bailed on me twice so far. Ugh. Got no Nolanites in my circle.

Most of you have had the good fortune of see it in laser imax, imax, or 70 or whatever. Only a couple of you have talked about seeing it in standard digital. for those that have, did you all have problems with it filling a standard sized screen? I worked the movie theatres I saw it at for 5 years (been 3 since I quit) so I went out and asked why the aspect ratio was all fucky, and the manager gave me some shit about "well when they filmed it in IMAX then had to shrink it blah blah blah" but that sounds like ass cuz a bunch of interstellar was shot IMAX and there was no issue. Though I know he used 35 on other scenes in interstellar, and none of Dunkirk was in 35. But anyway I made sure to see it on the biggest screen in the valley I live in here and there was no less than 5 feet of wasted screen on each size. I know the difference between flat and scope and all that bullshit. My last remaining good friend who worked for the company quit about 3 months ago, otherwise I would have conducted a more thorough investigation on the matter.

Given the frustration I've described for 3 of the 4 viewings, I still love the movie. I had to go once by myself cuz my GF wasn't keen about going a 3rd time lol and most my other friends didn't wanna pony up the cash. GF liked it an all but two days in a row was plenty for her hah.

Like many have said here, the move DOES improve with repeat viewings. First time was good. Intense, but I felt a little underwhelmed by the ending. But it left me thinking a lot, and I liked that. I think there is a lot of subtlety and awesome details that are missed by many viewers their first time or two.

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An eight-hour drive for standard 70 mm?? :shock:

If it was IMAX 70 mm or IMAX Laser, sure!

But for just regular 70 mm, I don't know...

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okungnyo wrote:An eight-hour drive for standard 70 mm?? :shock:

If it was IMAX 70 mm or IMAX Laser, sure!

But for just regular 70 mm, I don't know...
Yeah, that seems extreme to me for regular 70mm. Sometimes they aren't even on a very big screen. I could understand it if the screen is similar to Seattle Cinerama, which is almost 100 feet wide.

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3 times.

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I played my part.

Six times.

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