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The 2017 World War II thriller about the evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk beach.
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Spert wrote:
ShahrokhSam wrote:
Spert wrote:75 from NY Post, 50 from Observer, and incoming pan from the New Yorker will be added to Metacritic

So looks like itll end at 96
So after rex reed and edelstein added, the rating will be?
Lol oh fuck i forgot about edelstein

I think worst case scenario it goes to 95
Hard time for Dunkir in MC incoming....

Will be down to 94%-95%. Dunkirk need 2-3 max score review.

RT 147/9 94% 8.8
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Oh jeez...well I figured it was just a matter of time before some of the stupid NY critics backlashed. I mean it wouldn't be a Nolan film otherwise, right? :roll: The two David's (Denby and Edelstein) are both pretty bad, but Rex Reed is the worst...

It could be some consolation though that I notice it is kinda random whether these guys get posted on Metacritic or not; not all of them were for past films. For instance Edelstein was not posted for TDKR :think:

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I literally thought Rex Reed died like five years ago.

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RT now is 149/10 94% 8.8

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radewart wrote:I literally thought Rex Reed died like five years ago.

Came back from the dead just for Nolan

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Yeah what is it with last minute bad reviews for Nolan films (or does this happen with a lot of films lol?).

With all high rated films that get negative reviews towards the end, it's almost like people are measuring it against the hype of what earlier reviews put up. Hopefully it stays above 90 on Metacritic, at a 94 now.

Seeing this in an hour, good luck everyone whether you see it tonight, tomorrow, weeks from now. I hope ya'll enjoy it!

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The dream is collapsing guys!

It's at 93%

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94 on MC because of a mixed review. I don't get it .

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natalie wrote:94 on MC because of a mixed review. I don't get it .
Well they posted BOTH David Edelstein and Rex Reed, go figure...

Anyways I'll be seeing this in less than an hour at which point the reviews won't matter much and I can decide for myself if the review hype has been justified. Here's to a grand cinema experience for all! :gonf:

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