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The 2017 World War II thriller about the evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk beach.
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Virgo I said change that damn rating to an 8.4. :think:

And do it before I fuck this movie off.

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9 right now

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8.4? :eh:
RIFA wrote:Yikes.

Change my rating to 4.8 Virgo.

Came back from a second viewing.

Fell asleep by the time Tom Hardy makes his first appearance.


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The Taxman wrote:So in a nice turn of events, I saw this wonderful film twice in one day yesterday. Went to see it with my friend in the morning and then my father wanted to see it at night so I went with him. So, after 3 viewings, here is my drunk review.

Goddam this movie is a masterpiece. Christopher Nolan has crafted one of the finest film experiences I've ever witnessed. This is his best directorial work yet, and I'd say one of the greatest war movies ever made. I love how it doesn't even attempt to glorify the war. There are no heroic speeches, this film only shows us the horrors of war. This was just one early battle in WW2 so it gives you perspective. I was exhausted by the evacuation of Dunkirk, and yet there were still five or six years of fighting left for these kids that were my age. The main character seems to realize this. And he knows how likely it is that either he or his peers will die before the fighting is over.

I've seen it on IMAX 70mm each time and each time I'm amazed at the size of the picture and the immersiveness of it. This is a different beast from Nolan in one of his most stylized efforts yet. We see some of his longest takes ever in this film as he lets the events of the battle and the large format cameras do the talking. Any complaint about lack of characters in this film is complete bullshit, if you can't feel for the people we see in this film, then you must not fear war enough. Every cast member is equally as good as the next, reflecting the equal importance of each soldier on Dunkirk beach. Without an ensemble cast such as this, the camaraderie of the film couldn't be conveyed quite as well.

This film packs quite the emotional punch as well, the scenes with young Barry Kheogan, Mark Rylance and his son had me tearing up. And if the ending of this movie doesn't move you in some way then you may just be a cyborg. I've heard the ending described as Nolan's most cynical yet, and rightfully so. I'll go into spoilers here for anyone who (tragically) hasn't seen it yet.
I was watching The Dark Knight a week ago (perhaps the only Nolan movie better than Dunkirk) and I picked up on something Nolan has been playing with his whole career, just as much as TIME. It's TRUTH. I needn't explain how the ending of The Dark Knight twists the truth so I'll dive in with Dunkirk. At the end of the film we hear a rousing speech written by Churchill read by a weary soldier. Churchill tried to inspire people with his speech, but the audience and Tommy know the truth about Dunkirk. How horrifying and downright difficult it was to just escape the fucking Nazis at that point. We see Rylance's son put George ( :cry: ) in the paper as a hero even though he didn't do much.

I'll admit I wasn't huge on the final shot the first time I saw it, but only because I was caught off guard. But it really is genius. The fakeout ending of Tom Hardy's burning plane seems to give closure to a film about a war. But the fadeout to the shot of Tommy realizing how much longer this war will be is perhaps the most potent and ambiguous final shot of Nolan's career. Bra-fucking-vo.
Anyway, if this is too long for you, here's my score: TEN out of Fucking TEN

but if you wanna discuss this film more in depth then please read, I'd like to get into a nice discussion analyzing this fantastic film :gonf:
10th posted

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Nice review man, :twothumbsup:

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people stop with these reviews they make me want to go see this in 15/70 :((((

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Please mark me down for a 10/10. This movie fucked me up so bad.

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Ruth wrote:people stop with these reviews they make me want to go see this in 15/70 :((((
My 15/70 theatre had the doors lead right up to the bottom of the screen and you had to walk up two flights of stairs to get to seats. My friend opened the door and cursed out loud and I was confused until I walked through myself and realized the screen was so high you could barely even see the top of it from where we were.

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Ruth wrote:people stop with these reviews they make me want to go see this in 15/70 :((((
if it makes you feel better I'm taking my dad to see it in digital IMAX tomorrow (my dad hates movies).

I don't really know why that would make you feel better.


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Dunkirk is so vastly different to what we usually see from Nolan. The film is Nolan's/Hoytema's most visually impressive film to date, accompanied by one of Zimmer's more notable score's (although maybe not his best) complimenting what we see on screen almost perfectly (the use of the Shepard tone is brilliant in terms of establishing tension). I can definitely see Nolan's inspiration from silent films present throughout the film. The film sounded exceptional in IMAX, but in a regular 4K theatre, sounded a little disappointing to the extent that most, if not all, of the dialogue was unrecognisable. As for the ending, it was absolutely perfect, with the final shot being perhaps the best we've seen from Nolan. I was a little disappointed that out of the three times I saw the film (once in IMAX 4K laser, once in IMAX 1570 film, and once in a regular 4K theatre), there wasn't a single round of applause at the end (I even noticed a friend on there phone during one of the most intense scenes of the film :wtf: )

Overall, Dunkirk is a solid Nolan film and proves just how versatile a director he is.

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