Dunkirk Industry/Celebrity Buzz

The 2017 World War II thriller about the evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk beach.
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This is a thread to post any and all tweets, interviews, etc. from celebrities or fellow actors and filmmakers who have something to say about DUNKIRK.


https://twitter.com/rianjohnson/status/ ... 9449243648
Rian Johnson‏ @rianjohnson
Dunkirk is an all timer. It's so good it feels like a war movie you'd discover on TCM at 2am. You expect Lee Marvin to show up in it.
https://twitter.com/edgarwright/status/ ... 8223515648
edgarwright‏ @edgarwright
A pause in plugging my own movie to say: 'DUNKIRK' is a powerful, immersive, intense masterpiece that demands it be seen on the big screen.
https://twitter.com/Jon_Favreau/status/ ... 1496423424
Jon Favreau‏ @Jon_Favreau
Believe the hype on #Dunkirk. I've seen it and it's fantastic.
https://twitter.com/MNightShyamalan/sta ... 3647556608
M. Night Shyamalan @MNightShyamalan
Saw #DunkirkMovie. Calm, poised, visceral, and structurally intricate and daring.
https://twitter.com/chrismcquarrie/stat ... 2244779009
ChristopherMcQuarrie‏ @chrismcquarrie
See Dunkirk
https://twitter.com/BandryBarry/status/ ... 2773979136
Barry Jenkins‏ @BandryBarry
DUNKIRK: I'm definitely here for more of the greats getting massive [money emoji] and total freedom to make franchise free, large scale work.
https://twitter.com/FilmBayona/status/8 ... 8263948288
JA Bayona‏ @FilmBayona
Vista Dunkirk en IMAX 70mm. Nolan asombra desde el minuto 1 hasta su emocionante final. Ejercicio de Cine Puro. La Mejor Película del Año?

https://twitter.com/TheVampsCon/status/ ... 1639514113
Connor Ball @TheVampsCon
Had the pleasure of seeing Dunkirk last night. Such an amazing insight into how it actually was. Massive respect to the cast and director.
https://twitter.com/jaketapper/status/8 ... 9865676800
Jake Tapper‏ @jaketapper
Just saw @dunkirkmovie -- very powerful and compelling
https://twitter.com/willtudor1/status/8 ... 5616494593
Will Tudor @willtudor1
Just been to a preview screening of Dunkirk with @aliEtudor - Christopher Nolan can do no wrong in my eyes
https://twitter.com/HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN/sta ... 2223784960
The distance b/w Dunkirk & survived
soldiers on the seawall:1wk
air fighter:1hr
The distance b/w Dunkirk & audience: less than 0m
https://twitter.com/IMKristenBell/statu ... 4918500352
Kristen Bell @IMKristenBell
HOLY LORD @dunkirkmovie WHAT A FILM
Josh Gad @joshgad
The summer has been on fire the last few weeks with Apes, Spider-Man, & Baby Driver. And now @dunkirkmovie - holy God is it good.
https://twitter.com/piersmorgan/status/ ... 6707981312
Piers Morgan @piersmorgan
Dunkirk: best film I've seen for years. Stirring, shocking, incredibly inspiring. Please go see it. ps good job @Harry_Styles.
https://twitter.com/RestingPlatypus/sta ... 8635498496
Jack Falahee @RestingPlatypus
Dunkirk is a beautiful film. I encourage folks to see it.
Kumail Nanjiani‏ @kumailn
Dunkirk has some of the best nod-acting I've ever seen.
https://twitter.com/BrianJacobSmith/sta ... 4645527552
Brian J. Smith‏ @BrianJacobSmith
Go see @dunkirkmovie in IMAX - one of the best films I've seen in a while. Good to be reminded these days that war is hell.
https://twitter.com/iamkarendavila/stat ... 4084951040
Karen Davila‏ @iamkarendavila
https://twitter.com/caseyneistat/status ... 4830789633
Casey Neistat @CaseyNeistat
Dunkirk was an absolute masterpiece
Jake Roper‏ @jakerawr
Dunkirk dungood. A++
Ross Lynch @rossR5
Dunkirk is, quite possibly, the most beautiful movie ive ever seen.
https://twitter.com/kristenschaaled/sta ... 0265657344
Kristen Schaal‏ @kristenschaaled
Saw @dunkirkmovie it was great. One loose thread: did that soldier ever get to poop? Please tell me. Tense throughout, including bowels.
https://twitter.com/themichaelcaine/sta ... 1719132161
Michael Caine @themichaelcaine
Just saw Dunkirk, you must see it.
https://twitter.com/AmazingPhil/status/ ... 7291394048
Phil Lester‏ @AmazingPhil
Dunkirk in IMAX was incredible! Also I was worried Harry Styles might be distracting but he was great. 5 boats out of 5 boats
http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-training- ... ws-Dunkirk
Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett reviews 'Dunkirk'
https://twitter.com/MsSarahPaulson/stat ... 1025072128
Sarah Paulson‏ @MsSarahPaulson
Drop everything and go see @dunkirkmovie right now. I mean it. RIGHT NOW.
https://twitter.com/samsmithworld/statu ... 6353868800
Sam Smith @samsmithworld
Just watched Dunkirk. Wow. Everyone should get down to see it. Powerful.
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I think having Harry Styles in a war film could attract wrong type of buzz from his not so mature fanbase.

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Saw him on Graham Norton the other day, bit of a shit singer, eh?

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Does this count as celebrity buzz? I found this tweet last month when looking for Cinemacon reactions but didn't know where to post it:

Joe Scarborough‏
Combining the legendary story of Dunkirk with the supreme talent of Christopher Nolan equals a perfect summer film.
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Pratham wrote:I think having Harry Styles in a war film could attract wrong type of buzz from his not so mature fanbase.
I'm not worried about it, I think most celebrities/actors/filmmakers who will talk about the movie on twitter and help with word of mouth will not focus on that at all.

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This is the thread where, 1 month before the movie-release, it's settled that Nolan has made the best movie of all time? And then it opens and people are annoyed it isn't the best movie of all time?

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Let's gather Tweets of what industry/reviewers/people with Verified Twitter accounts thought about the trailer!

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We'll have to wait for reviews from YouTubers

Edit: Seems like we're getting the review from Beyond the Trailer soon lol

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Willem wrote:We'll have to wait for reviews from YouTubers

Edit: Seems like we're getting the review from Beyond the Trailer soon lol

Not just YouTubers, I mean industry people, or journalists who will be writing reviews for the movie, or heck, anybody with a verified Twitter account.

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