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The 2017 World War II thriller about the evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk beach.
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Anybody have an idea when we can expect tickets to go on sale for Dunkirk? It's a summer film (and frankly a Nolan film) so I expect it'll do some numbers at the Box Office. But it isn't Star Wars or Batman. Does that mean tickets will likely go on sale right around release date?

The anticipation for Interstellar was so palpable. Dealing with space, and human connection, I just knew it would be a personal experience for me. I don't feel that same connectedness to a historical work like this one. But there's no way I'll miss a Nolan film opening night at my local IMAX in Ft. Lauderdale. If anybody is in the South Florida area and wants to put together a viewing party lets organize it!



Tickets for 70mm showings went on sale July 5

Tickets for Digital, 35mm and all others on sale July 7

Pre-Order on Fandango

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An employee from the Netherlands cinema Pathé told me that they hoping that they can start the tickets sales in the beginning of july for dunkirk

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It already began. For selected theaters.
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Willem you can order now tickets for dunkirk!!! if you live in the Netherlands than you can buy tickets in the cinema Pathé. Ik zie dat er al paar reserveringen zijn voor de film dus ik zou zeggen doe het snel voordat je slechte zitplek heb. Ga naar Pathé site dan zie je het vanzelf dat je nu de tickets kan kopen.

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Just got my tickets for Digital IMAX (I know, but there's nothing else) on the July 20, perfect seats too. Damn I'm happy.

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Willem wrote:Just got my tickets for Digital IMAX (I know, but there's nothing else) on the July 20, perfect seats too. Damn I'm happy.
You lucky

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I asked this in the IMAX locations thread but I figured I should ask it here as well. The IMAX theater I'm planning to see it in 70mm film at currently charges $19.25 for IMAX digital movies at noon or later and $12.75 for showings before noon. When they show this in 70mm, will the ticket prices remain the same as they are with digital films?

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