Dunkirk Awards Season Discussion Thread

The 2017 World War II thriller about the evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk beach.
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So I know it's SUPER EARLY to predict the Oscars that'll be honoring the films of 2017 as there are always unexpected films that can come up and sweep, but as we all know The Academy doesn't really like to honor the best films of the year all the time, but on the basis of who has the most buzz, who is up and coming, or in the case of Nolan, who is long overdue. Dunkirk will certainly have many films to compete with, but it already seems like a front runner and here's why I think that.

I believe The Academy really wants to honor Nolan, ever since they expanded the Best Picture Category to 10 because of THE DARK KNIGHT snub. They know they screwed up not giving him the Best Director nomination for INCEPTION. It got a little bumpy with TDKR as it didn't hit with the Academy and INTERSTELLAR was divisive for many, but now is the time -- all signs seem to be pointing to DUNKIRK.

If DUNKIRK comes out and is a BOX OFFICE AND CRITICAL HIT, The Academy can't ignore it. Imagine the terrible press they will receive if they snub Nolan. Again, assuming Dunkirk is a hit, there is no way The Academy would want to make that mistake again.

Plus, DUNKIRK seems to be Nolan's most Oscar friendly movie.

1. A TRUE STORY. No mind-bending typical Nolan sci-fi plot this time. The Academy loves a true story, especially a true WORLD WAR II story. WWII movies tend to do well with the Academy as do true stories. I think The Academy will really appreciate Nolan trying something new.

2. TECHNICAL AMBITION. The Academy loves to honor films that are groundbreaking and ambitious on a technical level (INCEPTION, REVENANT, LIFE OF PI, GRAVITY) and Dunkirk seems like it will be one. With it's 70mm IMAX photography and practical effects, Nolan is always looking to push himself forward in terms of technical ambition.

3. CAST. Once in a while The Academy likes to shine a light on an up and coming actor and DUNKIRK has a swamp of many unknown actors that could make it big with DUNKIRK. Newcomers aside, DUNKIRK features a cast of well-known and well-respected actors such as Kenneth Branagh, recent Oscar winner Mark Rylance, recent Oscar nominee Tom Hardy, and Cillian Murphy.

The days of saying big-budget films or action-movies can't get in the Oscars are done. INCEPTION, GRAVITY, DJANGO UNCHAINED, THE MARTIAN, THE REVENANT, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD are all big-budget films that did well with mainstream audiences so if fucking Mad Max: Fury Road can get all these nominations, then Dunkirk (IF IT'S A BOX OFFICE, AUDIENCE, AND CRITICAL HIT) should have no problems.

The Academy has been known to give people their "long overdue" Oscars and I believe after years of being snubbed, Nolan's time has come.

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Because it's gonna be the best movie ever.

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Nolan + Hans Zimmer

wait, am i doing this right?

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Meh, I've long stopped caring about the Oscars.

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Well I certainly believe that this will be Nolan's most Oscar-friendly movie. I think, if Dunkirk is REALLY good (exceptionally good), it could win Nolan his first Best Picture and Director.

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Best director nomination would be nice yo.

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If not, we'll always have Razzies

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They did want to honor him, seeing as how they increased the number of Best Picture nominations to ten, and then nominated Inception.

However, I believe that sentiment as worn off, seeing as how The Dark Knight Rises and Interstellar were completely snubbed in all the prestigious categories.

Those two were critical and financial hits, where was the "terrible press" then?

But I agree with most of your points that it seems to be Mr. Nolan's most Oscar-friendly movie, except for the July 21 release date, which will hurt it considerably.

Hypothetically speaking, if the top two Oscar contenders are both 10 out of 10 movies, the newer one will win simply by virtue of being fresher in the minds of Oscar voters.

And the "technical ambition" will depend entirely on Warner Bros.'s For Your Consideration team, who will need to pull a "They shot in freezing temperatures and Mr. DiCaprio ate a real liver!!" campaign like 20th Century Fox did for The Revenant.

And I don't believe Mr. Nolan is overdue yet, because he is on the young side when it comes to the age of directors.

He has a long career ahead of him, and I think the Academy knows that, which is why I don't think he will get an "long overdue" Oscar.

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I hope this film does a full on sweep on noms and wins lol

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I want to know if the rule of the summer release is really true. Does anyone have any concrete examples?

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