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The 2017 World War II thriller about the evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk beach.
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The tide is turning.

Dunkirk will prevail.

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That's what I like to hear. That's why you're navy.

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Master Virgo wrote:It wouldn't have been embarrassing for Dunkirk even if it was its opening weekend and Emoji's second one. It would be good to see Dunkirk win the weekend so that it can attract even more attention, and it most likely will, but let's not make such a big deal of things.

Some of the members here were so frustrated when Big Hero 6 won the opening weekend over Interstellar, but at the end of the day Interstellar outperformed Big Hero 6 on its global gross. It did better than a 3D family film from Marvel and Disney with a much better tomatometer and cinemascore and half its runtime, and people here just wasted their times, being upset over nothing.£
>be me
>massive Nolan fan and How to Train Your Dragon fan
>same movie that beats Interstellar in week 1 beats Dragons for the Oscar

Haven't seen Big Hero 6 and no plans to...but I still have a massive grudge against it :lol:

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Song of the Sea and Kaguya were more deserving than both anyway. But yes Dragon was considerably better than Big Hero, no doubt.£

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Master Virgo wrote:Song of the Sea and Kaguya were more deserving than both anyway. But yes Dragon was considerably better than Big Hero, no doubt.£
Even as a dragons fanboy... I agree.
Saw both after the Oscars. Didn't think BH6 winning could piss me off any more.

I was wrong.
Song of the Sea and Kaguya place among my top animated films of all time. Both are masterpieces that deserved the Oscar.

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Atomic Blonde is a film who's lead is a lesbian

You clearly haven't been to many parts of the world if you dont think thats divisive. Matter fact, that's about as divisive as you can get

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The lead or the character?

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Vader182 wrote:
Master Virgo wrote:Also B for an animated movie is absolutely terrible. B+ is usually the worst a mainstream animated film might get on cinemascore and even that happens rarely.£
Yes, and regardless animated movies primarily excite younger kids with colors and cool sounds. All of you are attacking parents for bringing their kids to see the only kids movie out right now. I get really uncomfortable with this weird kind of tribalist mentality thing, especially for stuff as trivial as entertainment that you'd start "attacking" the "opposition." It says a lot more about you and your maturity to regress to these kinds of commends than it does the parents and little kids going to see the Emoji Movie.

All the more troubling, is that the big news is Dunkirk is doing incredibly well. 100m+ domestic is almost certain, and it will hit 200m+ by the end of the weekend. It's going to be more front-loaded than Interstellar because it's summer, but this is a real achievement not just for the genre but for being such a weird, atypical movie.

But no. Let's criticize parents and children some more!

You don't have to single out parents or children and insult them, but you can certainly criticize the mindless mentality of seeing an absolutely abysmal movie, You know, you can always rent one of the myriad of critically acclaimed aninated movies or watch one on Netflix? Some of it can also be blamed on the parents in regards to how their kids are raised. If kids over 7 are seeing The Emoji Movie that's ridiculous. Stop blowing things out of proportion like it's the complaining on this forum is an abhorrent assault on all women and children.

The reality is that Dunkirk making only $50,000,000 in its opening weekend, one of the most acclaimed war movies of all time, and then one of the worst reviewed animated movies making half of that in its opening weekend, is representative of society's poor taste in general. It's embarrassing.

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She's not a lesbian, she has lesbian sex scenes (and according to reviews, it's hinted that she had a relationship with a man right before). It's NOT the same thing and if anything, it's being used as bait, as it's shown in the trailers. How can you believe that showing two hot girls getting it on in a spy film is divisive? Who of their potential viewers is it gonna divide?? Are you new to Hollywood? :facepalm:

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A war film with no Americans, no blood, centred on a part of British history that Americans never learn, with no dialogue and no big names makes 50M opening weekend in America.

A Nolan fan: 'only 50M'


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