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The 2017 World War II thriller about the evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk beach.
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The Weekend Forecast:

Dunkirk Warner Bros. $28,500,000 -44%
The Emoji Movie Sony / Columbia $26,900,000 NEW
Atomic Blonde Focus Features $21,000,000 NEW
Girls Trip Universal $19,000,000 -39%
Spider-Man: Homecoming Sony / Columbia $12,200,000 -45%
War for the Planet of the Apes Fox $9,600,000 -54%

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RT audience scores for Emoji flick is currently at 46%, Atomic Blonde is at 71% Good news for Dunkirk

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redfirebird2008 wrote:
Geoffrey wrote:Interstellar made $28,300,000 domestically in its second weekend for comparison, which was a 40.5% drop.
Hard to directly compare a November release with much smaller weekday numbers. Also had the special Wednesday/Thursday film only previews. It was at $49.66m after opening Sunday, which makes the second weekend drop around 43%. Where that movie did very well was actually later during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Dunkirk won't have that going for it, but it does have summer weekdays.

"DK" Monday-Thursday: $24.19m
"IS" Monday-Thursday: $18.96m

Dunkirk should also have a stronger weekend hold for third weekend. Hunger Games made $122m during Interstellar's third weekend, which caused a nearly 46% drop for Interstellar. Dunkirk won't have anything close to that type of competition in Weekend #3. Dark Tower headed for an opening around $20m.
(My emphasis.) For comparison going into this weekend...?

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Dunkirk currently on track for a $28.2 million weekend, versus The Emoji Movie's $27.5 million.

It will be pretty close.

People who live in the U.S., go out to see Dunkirk this weekend! You will be the difference! ... 202138047/
‘Dunkirk’ Currently Pushing ‘Emoji Movie’ Out Of Top Spot With $28M+ – Late Night Update

UPDATE, Saturday 12:10 AM: Right now Warner Bros.’ Dunkirk is holding the fort at No. 1 in its second weekend with an industry estimate of $28.2M, -44% and sending the Christopher Nolan movie to $103M by Sunday. When compared to the total running cume of Nolan’s previous movie Interstellar though its second Sunday, Dunkirk will be running 6% ahead of that astronaut movie — and it had a two-day extra start at the time. Interstellar finaled its U.S./Canada run at $188M.

While we’ve pointed to PLFs and Imax as factors for keeping this WWII British evacuation film afloat, it can’t be denied that it’s a remarkable piece of epic filmmaking, one that appeals from 12-year boys to octogenarian women. Forty-two percent according to ComScore/Screen Engine PostTrak are watching the movie in Imax, 12% in PLF. The Nolan movie still has an 83% overall total positive score with 65% of the audience comprised of males. Fifty-nine percent are still giving a definite recommend to this Warner Bros. release.


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Deadline is reporting a 8.2M Friday for a 28.2M weekend (winning the #1 spot). -44% of the last weekend vs 40% of Interstellar (this one didn't had summer to burn so much demand). It's not going to be an Inception but i still think it has a chance at 200 million depending of the next few weekends. Rogue Nation made 195Million and Dunkirk already has 3 days a little ahead of it after opening 5 millions less (which is still the difference between them). Rogue Nation had great weekend holds after the second one (where it fell 48%) but it also had less summer week days than Dunkirk will have.

I hoped for a 30M weekend but I still think it's a good number. If you take those midnight thursday numbers from last weekend, with the reported 28.2, it would basically be -38% from last weekend, which is pretty great and can be mimicked in the next few weeks. I know they are completely different movies but if you do the same exercise for Wonder Woman (take the 11M thursday numbers) that second weekend would be -37%.

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DUNKIRK (Warners) slid 58% from last Friday to $8.2M, a hair better than the 59% drop that Wonder Woman had on its 2d Friday. (Both are far ahead of the norm for blockbusters: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 fell 71%, and Spider-Man: Homecoming dropped 73% on their parallel days.) If Dunkirk continues on a Wonder Woman path, it will decline around 43% for the weekend to $29M, on its way to $160M+ in the US.
Gonna be a close call indeed

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$8m is the official estimate. Needs to follow Star Trek Beyond's daily percentage holds fairly closely to have a chance at $28m for the weekend. STB increased 48% on Saturday and decreased 18% on Sunday. Those percentages for Dunkirk would lead to a $29.5 million weekend, but that feels like the absolute best case scenario.

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