Dunkirk's Soundtrack

The 2017 World War II thriller about the evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk beach.
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Collector03601 wrote:
Nomis wrote:
Oh and that sound when we first get to see the soldiers lined up close to the sea with the Minesweepers/Destroyers in the back, seeing that they can't get closer to the beach...
I think this is the first part on "Regimental Brothers track.
Yeah, I think that's it!

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I really liked the shrill instrument-thingy music that plays when wet Alex nods at Tommy (after the latter pulls him to safety during the hospital ship sinking).

It sounded like something out of The Dark Knight Rises.

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I just saw Dunkirk for the 3rd time and was noticing that shrill sound (and the soundtrack in general) more this time.

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So... I tried to make a film version of "Home" by manipulating the tempo. In the movie, it starts slower at 100BPM then it gets faster to around 128BPM (Album version is fixed 108BPM). By mistake, I sped it up way too fast and I was really surprise!

There was this bit right before Bolton sees the coming ships which I though wasn't in the album version. Turns out, it's in it just slowed down. They manipulated the hell out of this track :D Of course it doesn't sound exactly like the film version because they had more control over stems.

https://www.mediafire.com/file/9um33fxc ... ion%29.mp3

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Awesome work @AhmadAli95!

Hint: Try not to sync your pace with the music when walking - you might just get hit by a bus like I nearly did :shock:

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Watching this with "The Oil" in the background is dark :lol:

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Dunkirk - Supermarine - Hans Zimmer (OST) vs The Battle of Britain

Who is that pilot? 8-)

0:12 Fortis Leader

1:29 Fortis Leader

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Are there any interviews where Hans Zimmer talks about his Dunkirk score? Can't seem to find anything substantial

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There are some articles but I want a featurette dammit!


This probably means nothing but Still...

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Probably nothing as there was no source mentioned, but saw this posted on hans-zimmer.com. Id rather wont believe it for now, but wouldnt that be something if true?

Dunkirk CS

1: Enemy Surrounded (3:20) - Hans Zimmer
2: Beach (30 second) Hans Zimmer
3: 400.000 Men (One Week The Mole) (2:04) Hans Zimmer
4: Salvo Bombing (1:10) Lorne Balfe
5: Where Is The Bloody Air Force? (One Day The Sea) (57 Second) Hans Zimmer
6: Some Man? (One Day The Air) (1:05) Hans Zimmer & Lorne Balfe
just someone giving info like tihs

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