The 2017 World War II thriller about the evacuation of British and Allied troops from Dunkirk beach.
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willaartwillem wrote:What movie was the Interstellar teaser attached to actually? I can't remember. Was it The Hobbit?
Yeah it was the second Hobbit film.
I remember someone on here who worked in a theatre was able to see it before.

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Michaelf2225 wrote:well yeah, what i mean is that if it's not with SS or Jason Bourne (i wouldn't be surprised since it's only a minute long teaser) it's gonna be online pretty soon
Wouldn't be classified if it wasn't playing in theatres.
pashacules wrote:
ChristNolan wrote:Could it be attached to Bourne?
I think, no. "Jason Bourne" is the release from Universal. Studios like to attach trailers to their own films (additional boost for box-office success of studios' releases).
No, that's not really a thing - it's not an incentive to go see SS or Bourne - it's about the audiences at those films seeing the trailer. Has nothing to do with box-office boosting for these releases, as the trailer will go up online beforehand anyway.

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Boy, am I glad Dunkirk had nothing to do with that overblown shit of a comic-con.

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DHOPW42 wrote:
willaartwillem wrote:http://www.bbfc.co.uk/releases/dunkirk-filmtrailer
Release date 27/07/2017
Maybe it is a mistake and they meant 27/07/2016? In that case we can expect it in two days.
Of course it's a mistake.
At first I thought they meant the release date of the film itself, but that's 20/07/2017 (if I'm correct).

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It's the film release date that's referred to in the classification, not trailer release date. And yes, it's a mistake.

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I'm 99% sure we're getting it with Suicide Squad now. Waiting for august.

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Michaelf2225 wrote:it's most likely one of the two but i wouldn't be surprised if they just released it online over the coming days/weeks
yeah I agree.

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