What's Your Favorite Scene?

Christopher Nolan's 2014 grand scale science-fiction story about time and space, and the things that transcend them.
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After a second viewing, there are several I want to mention:

- The cornfield chase really blew me away this time. The really gorgeous camera-work paired with Zimmer's fluttering score make for some thrilling stuff.

- The sequence after the crew launches from Earth is just shocking. No music, no major sound effects; just the crew moving around, activating controls, and getting ready to dock with the Endurance. It looked, sounded, and felt so fucking real. The film was already great by that point, but that was the moment when the film just took a massive step forward in quality for me.

- Mann trying to enter the Endurance was more heart-pounding, probably because I understood the desperation in Damon's performance. Of course, when it ends, it's a surprise and both relieving and disturbing at the same time.

- The "docking" scene. I really didn't get the big deal about this initially, but now I managed to make peace with it. What's great is that it. There's a moment after Mann's shuttle blows up, when Cooper looks on and there's like a little light bulb that clicks on, you could pretty much pinpoint the exact moment when it happens. He knows what he has to do and he . It's brilliant characterization

- As much as I enjoyed the scenes I mentioned above, none of them are my absolute favorite. My favorite sequence has to be the moment from when Cooper's shuttle detaches from the Endurance and enters the black hole, to where he stops moving in the tesseract. Words cannot describe how brilliant this scene is to me, but I'll try anyway. In a film that was already pretty trippy, this scene just goes above and beyond. We hear Cooper's signal fading out on Brand's end, then he sort of narrates what's going on, thinking TARS can hear him; "everything is going black, it's all black" or something like that. There's a sense of terror here that the viewer is just thrown into. Then we get some pretty fantastic visual effects and sound mixing. After Cooper ejects from the shuttle, I felt like Nolan hit the eject button on my gut. The camerawork, Cooper's distorted breathing, the almost dreamlike quality of that scene; it just sucker-punches you all at once. Much like Cooper, we're being taken on this seemingly supernatural ride and we're just trying to figure out what the fuck is going on. Nolan's always been great at giving you sense of perspective, but really never this great.

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Yeah, the whole sequence worm hole sequence was amazing.

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The Saturn scene - so silent with that beautiful piano music by Zimmer. Totally blew my mind in the first viewing and continues to blow my mind. But the first time, wow. The audience was so quiet, so engaged, and so sucked into the beauty of what was happening on the screen.

Similarly, entering the worm hole. My jaw dropped when I saw the worm hole, it was just so beautiful. And the whole scene of entering it.

Docking scene and the explosion. I really loved the docking scene for how thrilling it was. For the explosion, again, the picture went silent and I could hear a few gasps. The audiences were so engaged. I loved those moments.

I also love the whole tesseract scene because I was just wowed by the technological marvel behind all of it. I just kept wondering how did Nolan have these crazy ideas in his mind and how he was able to execute them so flawlessly.

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When I saw them waves, my heart stopped.

23 years' messages. :cry:

Dat wide shot of Mann vs. Cooper. Beautiful but tense scene yo.

Pretty much anytime Cooper is flying manually. You know magic is gonna happen. How the heck would they have made it without him yo.

The way Cooper does not hesitate to go back for Brand at the end.

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anarchy wrote:Similarly, entering the worm hole. My jaw dropped when I saw the worm hole, it was just so beautiful. And the whole scene of entering it.
Also Cooper's reaction is just PERFECT in this scene. He just completely freezes, mouth open with a slight smile...completely paralyzed in amazement. It totally mirrored my reaction while watching the wormhole scene. :wtf:

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It`s simple:

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The whole school scene along with the aftermath of the scene.

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I loved the first scene, you know the one...it lasts 2 hours and 49 minutes. You couldn't have missed it :p

But seriously...

- The docking scene was a thing of beauty.
- Cooper leaving young Murph and the launch sequence.
- Cooper watching all the messages and then the one from Murph.
- The whole 5D sequence. The editing was fantastic here and made the scene really effective.
- Cooper meeting old Murph. Matthew's acting here was sublime.

if I had to pick only one it would be the docking scene. It is has all the marks to become iconic.

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Not really a scene but rather a moment: the look on Cooper's face when he's told about the 1 hour = 7 years relativity concept by Romilly. Suddenly, he knows he's in an uncontrollable situation, in which he's going to loose so much in such a short amount of time. You really, really feel for him.

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Docking. Case closed.

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