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Christopher Nolan's 2014 grand scale science-fiction story about time and space, and the things that transcend them.
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Just came back from seeing in in liemax.i wish i could have seen it in 70 mm.it was still a terrific experience in liemax.this movie is really good but falls short of being a masterpiece but not by far i never felt bored even though the movie was long.Mathew anne jessics and foy were outstanding. However i wasnt conected to the other astronauts.the visuals were spectacular though i wish the space scenes were longer. I have issues with the third act though especially Damon s character .i thought it was unnecessary and i can see why the third act has critics but i just went with it.this was a well directed movie .i need 3 more viewings or so to fully grasp it.

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I suck at reviews so i'll keep it super short.

Great third act. Still thinking whether i liked the ending or not. Amazing Zimmer score. Most emotional Nolan film to date. Special effects does not disappoint. Maybe my favorite Nolan film directing wise.I also liked the use of the poem. Finally it felt refreshing watching Interstellar compared to his previous films.

I'm pretty sure i missed mentioning many things, but my mind is not at the right focus.

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You know on first watch, I felt a bit let down by TDKR. I enjoyed it but I was still let down. Someone made a comment about Nolan's last 3 films made me wonder how much I actually did enjoy TDKR and kinda think about the differences between the Nolan of then and the Nolan of Interstellar. There's a purer, more earnest and emotional tone here. There's been an article or two with a mention of Nolan's love for his kids and you really feel that in this film. Even though I didn't get too involved in many of the characters- they felt a little thin. The dialogue was generally unremarkable but the performances were respectable, especially McC, who continues his winning streak.
The way the film actually came together at the start seemed rather messy and abrupt, the overall flow of story seemed strange at times. . There were some moments of wonder and excitment as expected but it didn't come together climactically for me, the intensity just wasn't as apparent as one would hope. The third act did have its trippy moments but beyond the stunning visual components, nothing was particularly mindblowing. Reliably good sound design and visuals- I have to hand it the art, design and sp. fx folks, some of those space/planetary sequences were really something. Zimmer's score also took some interesting turns with impressive organ work and electronics.
Not Nolan's best and not the mind-shattering odyssey that some may have anticipated- but there's quite a personal thread here as well as some rather important existential questions, which come together in a meaningful way.

I think there's some processing left to do but I overall, enjoyed it. This film leaves Nolan's future filmmaking wide open, which is cool- I'm very interested in seeing where he goes next.

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Went to the midnight screening at IMAX. As with every Nolan film, I'm never entirely sure what I'm in for prior to a screening. And, as usual, the film surprised me with the direction it took. Which is a good thing.

Acting was beautifully done. Mcconaughey gave a standout performance- interactions between him and Mackenzie Foy were very well done. Cinematography was wonderful- the integration of that and the VFX work was seamless. I would definitely recommend that this film be watched in IMAX- the imagery and sound design just become all the more better and effective. I also found the plot itself to be quite interesting to follow, with the basis in real scientific theories making the film a real conversation starter as to what our future could look like.

I did feel that the pacing was slightly off at some points.
Maybe because I was really looking forward to the sequences in space, I found that the beginning on Earth went on a little too long- but this is entirely subjective.
Overall, I'd say it's a 9/10. I think at the moment, I like it marginally less than Nolan's other works, but having said that, I need at least one more viewing to form a concrete opinion. But overall, a very strong and bold piece of work that left me crying on my boyfriend's shoulder through the credits.

And a quick question for anyone that has also seen it in IMAX- did the 35mm scenes look slightly soft to you? I'm not sure if it was the theatre I was in, or the projector, but the difference between the 35mm and 70mm seem much more pronounced than usual.

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I took all the lead up to Christopher Nolan’s latest blockbuster epic with a stride of caution. It occurs to me now that Nolan has his own legion of fans, he will also have his very own dedicated group of critics. Outside the theatre on after my first visit, a few Nolan fans (Nolanites?) discuss how Interstellar holds up to the directors’ previous work. “I think Inception and The Prestige are still his best movies,” one claims. “I’m gonna have to re-watch this one to decide” says another. Before I criticize any movie, I always like to take a step back and think about what it is I’ve just experienced. My approach to reviewing Interstellar is no different, although I have still not come to decide exactly what it is I experienced watching this film.

Interstellar has traces of Nolan throughout the entire production from the cross-cutting editing style to story elements. Perhaps the biggest Nolan stamp on the movie is his take on a sci-fi film. Like Nolan’s previous work in other genres, his take remains well within the possibilities of reality relative to recent sci-fi films like Prometheus or Edge of Tomorrow. Much like how Minority Report is a crime-thriller depicts a future that is not too far off from modern day, Interstellar is a sci-fi adventure that could take place in the near future, although no definitive date is given.

The strength of the film is its visuals, and often how the actors work within them. The performances of the actors are spectacular when given the right material, but don’t expect to see McConaughey or Hathaway nominated for any awards.

There are many drawbacks to taking narrative risks that Interstellar does in its third act. Without revealing any plot points, the direction of the narrative and some of the answers provided may have audiences and critics claiming there are plot holes, but this is not a film you should expect to understand following your first viewing. Like many of Nolan’s thought-provoking films, Interstellar is a film designed for repeat viewings.

If you’re a cinephile, go see it in IMAX. Go see it more than once. It’s not every day you’ll see a scientifically constructed black hole projected on a screen as beautiful and big as IMAX.

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Watched it yesterday night. Still shaken by it. :shock: Just a masterpiece by Nolan.
McC was so good. Definitely my favourite lead in a Nolan movie by far. I really hope they'll work together again.
Zimmer's soundtrack was astonishing, it gave me so many goosebumps.
Going to watch it again tomorrow.


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Act 1 - Spielberg
Act 2 - meh
Act 3 - Kubrick

I'm a huge fan of Nolan but really don't know what to think now. It has some phenomenal moments and Hoytema + Zimmer deserve Oscars (and I'd be ok with a nom for McConaughey) but overall... It's tough. Anyway it's a unique movie and I'll see it tomorrow again. Right now:


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Four hours since my screening and I'm still thinking about Interstellar. It's not a perfect movie but maybe it just shouldn't be. I'm ok with that. Can't wait to see it tomorrow again (and this time with my whole family).

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I don't think I've ever walked out of a theatre feeling like this. 5/5

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