Interstellar Oscar Chances

Christopher Nolan's 2014 grand scale science-fiction story about time and space, and the things that transcend them.
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Wow, you really went out of your way to vote for Interstellar. I didn't vote for it in:
- Visual Effects (Dawn)
- Trippiest Movie (Birdman)
- Poster (Nightcrawler)
- Trailer (Godzilla)

But Movie, Director, Sci-Fi and Underrated all went to Interstellar.

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It really should have gotten more than 5 nominations tonight , the only it would probably win is Best Visual Effect. I don't know why Oscars voters hate Hans Zimmer so much

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It certainly should win Best Score and Best VFX.

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0 for 2 so far...(or is it 3? Did they call Production Design yet? Been switching back and forth between Oscars and The Walking Dead)

Leaves VFX and Score. Really hope Zimmer takes it, I actually think there's a better chance of Interstellar getting Best Score than Best VFX. "Apes" probably gonna take that one.

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There's a win.

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Congrats to the VFX team. One of the most visually breathtaking films I've ever seen.

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Congratulations Interstellar Team for winning the Oscar for VFX!

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