Trailer #3

Christopher Nolan's 2014 grand scale science-fiction story about time and space, and the things that transcend them.
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Still not the greatest quality but you get the point



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Rom wrote:
Lionheart wrote:Sorry for the bad quality (this needs gifs)

but this shot


Is very 2001. Him talking with his son and seeing the earth (moon ? ) rotating .

I personally don't like all the similarities with 2001, especially those that are way too similar. Yes 2001 has special mystical feel but I didn't like it a lot, only scenes with monoliths. Why Chris copying scenes so precisely? Him loving 2001 is not an excuse!
scenes or shots? relax. was he copying Tim Burton in TDKR at the masquerade? its an homage, and shots will be framed similarly to paint a similar emotion

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Notice how he's close to Saturn in that shot. Soon, all the comm will be down.

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Saturn yes. You see the rings . Moon i said :lol:

Also Kubrick created that Earth ehe . Nobody really knew exactly how it looked like from space. Its a little too crystal blue , but still it was a good job. And the scale was all there.

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prowlercomesaround wrote:
Whistler wrote:
chocoboba wrote:Anybody hear a woman's voice in the score? It seems woven into the score... those two notes... very ghostly and moving...

I don't know who did the music but this is great!
Something Zimmer does like to do, and does very well.
It's Olivia Safe: ... lar-score/
No it's not. As I've pointed out before, that was an incorrect report and she did last minute additions to TASM2 for Hans.

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Wow... just fucking WOW! The visuals are literally flawless. This movie will be a transcendent experience.

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ComptonTerry wrote:Wow... just fucking WOW! The visuals are literally flawless. This movie will be a transcendent experience.

Zimmer's score sounds remarkable.

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Hey there,

I can't scroll the pages because of your stupid gifs, so can anyone post me a link to the third trailer? I just don't want to spoil all the fun. Thank you. :roll:

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stoifics42 wrote:
Rom wrote:Same thing that in the end of trailer. What is it?

A black hole! A realistic black hole! They got the science right!!!
I don't know what is this but my guess is that a crescent disk (glowing massive light from the swirling of the supposed-to-get-sucked starts around it) for a black hole though it should be brighter (supposing they are hypothetically close to it)... in fact it shouldn't leave a single dot without outshining it over... but maybe they are too distant.. but why would they go to a young black hole that can swallow them from millions of light years ahead?
could be wrong though

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