Interstellar Box Office Predictions

Christopher Nolan's 2014 grand scale science-fiction story about time and space, and the things that transcend them.
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Benzilla wrote:I'm from Canada, so I am waiting for Canadian sniper to hit theaters, were good at sniping moose and deer and maybe some pucks into a net or something.
Canadian Sniper, starring Ryan Reynolds directed by David Cronenberg..wouldn't that be a giant pile of horse dung.
it would make gajillions. :lol: :lol:
Canadian Sniper would just consist of a sniper saying sorry after every kill

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Well it looks like it will finally surpass 187mil this weekend, is it done over seas? hoping it would hit 190 but theres no chance, maybe 188 but i think it'll finish around 187.5..I can't believe a heaping pile of horse dung called fifty shades of grey will hit around 90-100mil this weekend, the general public are stupid..I tried to explain to my cousins about interstellar, they couldn't believe Ive seen 4 times in theater..they just dont get it..its not just a movie..its an all around experience, I cant think of a movie where the music and the film complemented each other so well..I dont care I want Interstellar 2, I think nolan would perfect it the second time TDK and absolutely blow us away, but it won't happen. :(

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