Interstellar Box Office Predictions

Christopher Nolan's 2014 grand scale science-fiction story about time and space, and the things that transcend them.
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Ruth wrote:
Havoc1st wrote:What happens if Interstellar doesn't debut at #1? NF will go crazy, right?

'Cause i really don't believe that Interstellar will debut at#1, more like at debuting at#3.

Don't get your hopes up, people.
Another day will come. And I'm sure the world will survive, NF included.

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700 mil. worldwide at the end of it's run and I'll be content.

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m4st4 wrote:700 mil. worldwide at the end of it's run and I'll be content.
That sounds good to me. At this point Interstellar not debuting at No. 1 is a possibility.

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I think at this point, it'll be hard to beat Big Hero 6. Inception and Gravity, the two biggest contemporaries for comparison, both had close to universal critical acclaim coming into the opening (+90% RT) which helped the buzz. I think the reviews for Interstellar might knock it out of #1, but the great media blitz by Paramount and Nolan's name should give it some good weight. I think $52 million is a conservative estimate and $67 million might be a reach.

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Avatar's 77 million is the highest opening for a non-sequel/adaptation. It had 3D.
Gravity opened at 55 million with 3D, a ~90 minute run time, a wonderful marketing campaign and nearly universal acclaim.

Anything between those for Interstellar is great to spectacular, if it matters to you.

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That prediction was a bit old. According to new one (Updated I believe in October 31st) from it will debut with 72 mil and ends up with 320 mil at the end of its run at the North American BO. Those numbers are even slightly better than what they have predicted for Five Armies

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