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movieman1005 wrote:
niniendowarrior wrote:ATTN: Movieman and #1fan:

NothingbutM during the meeting raised some concerns over the transitions between his scenes and movieman's. As a test requirement, he and movieman should provide temp footage so that #1fan can apply the scene transition ideas from NothingbutM. NothingbutM had intermittent connectivity and we weren't able to get around to describing what his ideas were. I'm sure he'll either post his ideas or send it over to me hopefully soon.

Skype is still online for whoever can make it (while I'm online).
Should I just shoot what I plan the first shots of my scenes to look like? NothinbutM can maybe shoot the last shots from the beginning and we can see how the transition looks? Maybe the same with the ending transition back to his segments?

We can discuss the details of what we plan to shoot specifically on skype before we shoot them?

Also another possible shot I was thinking about with using a shot from Nothingbutm, but I could ask more about that during a skype session as well. Sorry, I was way asleep by that time last night.
I'd prefer you at least carry a conversation with NothingbutM so that the two of you are in sync over how the movie smoothly moves from his part to yours as well as your part to his. Also, dig up the very first skype chat we had because I think NothingbutM did put some pointers of what he wanted for the transition.

If timing becomes an issue between the two of you, I'd say go ahead and film something and then we'll take it from there.

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