Second Director's Meeting

A collaborative project utilizing the many talents of the forums' aspiring filmmakers.
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Took some footage of my neighborhood just now during the time of day I figured filming of the real thing. Footage seemed to take a while to upload so I just captured a couple snapshots for tonight. Obviously will look different neighborhood. Also have b and w copies of each. Will send link it gave me (or try your dropbox too, not sure if I did it right). Can discuss

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Should be very interesting! Hope Anita makes it too! We can also probably share files during the Skype Chat... trade snapshots and all... but let's all figure that out when we get there.

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Hey guys, unfortunately, I won't be able to stay for long at the meeting today. Got absolutely swarmed with crap (not literally of course........ well... maybe just a little bit on the literal side, but still) and can't stay long at all due to responsibilities in real life. I'll be there though and get as much done with you guys with the time I'm around.

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We'll start. I think movieman should have some interesting materials to post.

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