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A collaborative project utilizing the many talents of the forums' aspiring filmmakers.
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,

I am very happy to bring you this 'Sign up for Tre Misfatti' topic! As the title says, you can sign up for the project in this very same topic.
What is Tre Misfatti?
Tre Misfatti is a collaboration short film, made by members of The movie was based on a story by Erik and written by akv1984, theweatherman, movieman1005 and Erik in different segments. A short discription of the story:
Two private investigators are on the case of a murder. We start in their office, as one of them puts a tape in the VCR. On the tape, there are 3 recordings of an interrogation by the police. While the suspects and/or witnesses talk, we get to see a flashback of what happened. They all seem to be talking about different murders. Suspects who are black in one flashback, white in another. Cars that become vans, guns that change into knifes.
After we’ve seen all 3 stories, we catch a small conversation between the investigators. All witnesses are talking about the same murder. The mind has changed some details, so it would make the story unreliable.

The movie will be shot in four segments: the present (with the detectives) and the three flashback sequences. If we can not get enough directors, we will change this to two. The 3 flashback sequences will become one segment.

There are four members in the staff of this production:
freakybatman, ninendowarrior, theweatherman & Erik.
Although we will listen to every collaborator, this project needs a small group of people that make the disssions. Otherwise it will become a mess.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for people in various positions. Let's take a look:
Director: (2 or 4 spots)
As a director, you will produce and shoot a segment of the movie. You will have to arrange your own cast and crew and if needed, a budget. The movie will be shot digital, but technical info about the specs will follow.
We have set a deadline for your segment on August 31st. You have to deliver a rough cut to the editor. He/She will contact you about how to deliver your segment.
Editor: (1 spot)
You will get all rough cuts from the directors and edit them into the full movie. You have to communicate with the directors about the format and way the send you their segments. Your deadline will be September 30th.
Composer: (1 spot)
You will make the score of the movie. We are looking for something atmospheric. Think a bit of David Julyan's scores for Nolan. Your deadline will be August 31th.
Storyboard artist: (1 spot)
You will make a storyboard for the movie. This can either be the complete storyboard or only the one of the 'real killing'. Your deadline will be July 1st.
Production Coach: (2 or 4 spots)
History has told us that mostly unexperienced people sign up. That is okay, but they might need a little coaching from someone who is more skilled, but does not want to direct himself. You can sign up as a coach. You will be assigned to a director and will help him produce his segment.
Do you want a job, that we didn't post up here? Please tell us, we might have forgotten about it. (with the exception of writers and producers. We are full on those two!).

How do I sign up?
Reply in this topic while you answer these questions:

Name: (first name will be enough, last name is possible)
Signing up for:
Production Area:
Need of a coach: (yes/no)
If you may choose, what segment would you produce?

Any comment:
The italic questions are for directors only

I hope we get a nice crew to produce this movie. Good luck!

This topic is not ment for discussion. To discuss Tre Misfatti please use this topic, or start a new one.
David emerges from the store slowly. He braces himself against a parked car and then keeps on walking in a nightmarish daze.

WE PULL BACK as David blends in with dozens and dozens of ordinary people, walking on an ordinary street, in an ordinary city.

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Name: Matthew
Signing up for: Editor
Need of a coach: no

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Name: Teddy Blass
Signing up for: Composer

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Name: Robert Robles
Position: Director
Coach: No

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Name: Joe Kresl
Position: Director (If I can get a cast set up)
Coach: No

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Name: Anita Cheng
Position: Storyboard artist (if it isn't too late) or Misc (graphic design - if you need a logo/title card, I'm your girl!)
Coach: No

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If for whatever reason you guys need another editor at some point...

Name: George
Signing up for: Editor
Coach: No

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Name: LTPritductions
Position: Editor

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Just had a thought, since none of the editors have explicated sound editing programs as such, what would be great is a sound designer to create the sounds from scratch using simple technical things such as a punch is easily simulated by hitting a watermelon with a bat near a microphone.

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