How Early Will You Go?

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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Law_of_4 wrote:Movie is at 12am, I'm getting there by 4
Yeah, that's about right. There will no doubt be people in line that have been there for days.

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Big Bad Harv wrote:The closest IMAX to me is four hours away, so my wife and I and four of our friends are all going together.
We'll be meeting up with probably two other people as well once we arrive.
I went with about eight friends for the midnight showing of TDK, and it was such a great experience.
We were about two hours early then and got close to first pick of seats, but this time we'll be going about five hours early.
However, if IMAX does offer the marathon, we're totally doing it.
Most of us are probably going to watch the first two films in advance anyway, so the marathon is literally the best possible way to see those films right before TDKR.
And with an intermission between each film, how can you lose?
I thought my two-hour drive was going to be long. Bravo, sir. I salute you. Are you planning on staying at a hotel or driving straight home afterward? If you do the marathon, which would quite literally make that an all-day affair for you, I can't imagine driving four hours when it will already be around 3am. However, I'm sure your mind will be racing as with everyone else, so I doubt being tired would be an issue.

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2 Hours before midnight release. But I buy my tickets before hand.

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I'll be there around 5 PM, so thats what - about 6 or 7 hours before? I don't know what to expect either since its my first time at an IMAX Theater, and that too for a Dark Knight film.

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Got my seats reserved already, so I'll probably be at the theater just 1 hour early, max. Just to get food and stuff (lines for food alone are gonna be insane)

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corderouge wrote:My IMAX theatre is running a trilogy screening event,
so I'll be there at 6pm to watch Batman Begins,
then they'll provide us with dinner
then TDK
then at midnight,

July 18th, 6pm, here I come :D
Yo dude I'm going to that same trilogy marathon except the daytime one! So pumped, although i've never been to a 9 hour movie marathon b4, hope that I can stay awake (cue double espresso coffee shots!)!

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Is anyone here from NZ? lol theres only one Imax in the whole country so we could probs meet up. Im going with few of my friends anyway. Its gonna be epic!!! Will go 4-5hrs early :D

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The fact that I'd get to see BB on and TDK on the big screen is a major draw for me. But I dont want to be "burnt out"

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TehBatGetsBraked wrote:The fact that I'd get to see BB on and TDK on the big screen is a major draw for me. But I dont want to be "burnt out"
I feel the same way. I really want to see BB and TDK on the big screen again. But I'm never really comfortable in movie theater seats. And I feel like I might be worn out sitting through 2 lengthy films. I also really invest myself emotionally in movies and TDK is an exhausting movie for me, especially on the big screen. I just don't think I have the energy to handle all 3. I wish they would simply play Batman Begins two weeks prior and The Dark Knight a week before leading up until The Dark Knight Rises. I don't have a need to watch them back to back.

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It depends whether they have a marathon or not.. If they have one I'm going, I've done an LOTR marathon the night ROTK came out (TTT ended at 23:30 then ROTK started at midnight) and it was SO much fun. The atmosphere was electric. Going through the first two when everyone were just so excited for the third.. I have no doubt a Dark Knight marathon would be even more so.

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