What if it sucks?

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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What's the point of this thread? Of course it's going to be great! Too much negative energy, people. :goNF:

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If it sucks then there will be only one option..... :suicide:
"When art imitates life"

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There's nothing to worry about, Christopher Nolan would be incapable of doing a bad movie even if Nicolas Cage and Paris Hilton were the leading roles.
Kneel before Kal-El !

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"All this 'good vs evil' shit's been played out. It's now time for 'BAD VS. EVIL'

-David Ayer on Suicide Squad.

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"what if it sucks?"
what kinda question is that... its a freaking NOLAN FILM!!!!!! he will make a mind blowing film that i bet i will see 20 times because i love the way nolan sees batman. they are masterpieces

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If it sucks:I will not cry just say "Mwah"

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MrBatman wrote:If it sucks:I will not cry just say "Mwah"

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Lock this thread.

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Nolan4Life wrote:Lock this thread.
+1, Lockdown procedure. :batman: