Dreams about The Dark Knight Rises

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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Well, since you used the ph slang version of that word, I have no choice but to accept it awkwardly as a compliment.

Oh. I wasnt aware its a compliment :eh: well youre welcome then? Haha :goNF:
Haha yeah it was like slang for "cool"

Yes :goNF: indeed!

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Had a pretty awesome dream last night. Bruce was back at the League of Shadows headquarters, fighting R'as and two other equally skilled LoS members. Bruce dodged some traps that were set in the building, followed by some dialog about minding his surroundings and how his personal quest still prevents him from truly seeking justice. Then, back in Gotham, Bruce was flying the Bat out of Wayne Manor over the city, and going through a fireworks show as cover, to throw off the thermal sensors of someone that was following him. It was sweet.

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I've had dreams about the dark knight rises before but i cant remember them. Last night however i dreamt the viral marketing continued to reveal the poster. I was pretty dissapointed to find it was just a dream but you never know, it might happen.

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I had a dream that I was in/watching TDKR. That I was joining Bane's forces. I don't think I was really cut out for it though. A young assistant takes me into into the deteriorating apartment block with an exposed outside wall. Bane greets me with enthusiasm and immediately tells me what they believe in and what they're doing and all. He grabs an assault rifle from the wall and starts shooting some troops down below. I see red dots on the wall, so I collapse onto the ground- because they're clearly from laser-guided sniper rifles. Bane steps out of the way and throws me a rifle to prove my worth. I manage to look down below into another exposed block and take out 4/5 snipers. Bane is impressed but I just couldn't get the last one. Bane tells me he always has trouble with that one sniper. I look up to have a quick lick at his face, and the sniper is clearly a very roughed up Ben Stiller.
Bane says he has a solution and brings in a few toddlers and places guns to their heads. This I cannot take so I go into the next room. Ben Stiller doesn't want to cause the death of a few kids so he leaves. Bane tells me that he doesn't harm kids, he liberates them from terrible soldiers and raises them to be brilliant forces of death. I go back into the next room relieved but I can hear Bane talking in my mother-tongue fluently, far better than I. I run back and I see him talking one of the small toddlers in my language and the kid happily replies. I start speaking to both of them and they both respond (the toddler can speak reasonably well). Bane tells me that he always could do with more brains in his operation and then congratulates me.
Then he tells me and his assistant to purchase eggs, bread and chicken for him. I go downstairs and there is a brilliant, absolutely beautiful shopping complex (I have a fair few dreams in large shopping complexes). And the assistant takes me to the stationary store- which was being converted into an ice-cream shop. So we have to take an elevator and I see my sister and a few friends, who all congratulate me on joining Bane except for my sister. As we approach the elevator, these middle-aged, wrinkled, make-up caked Japanese women sprint behind us, calling out to me that I'm the ugliest man they're ever seen. While there's probably some truth to that, they looked pretty messed up as it is. While we stepped into the elevator, I kept on trying to talk about the glorious Bane to my sister but she would not listen.


I think there was a bit more but I can't remember. Won't bother adding more anyway because use of only line breaks and no paragraphs can be a bit heavy.
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Had another weird one last night, and once again, it did not start off with the Prologue. Can't remember much now obviously,
but I remember it being dark as shit, and for some reason Jennifer Connelly was in it.

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Have you been buying Child's Tickets for years?

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SilverHeart wrote:Have you been buying Child's Tickets for years?
Honestly? Yeah I have been.... :\

Tickets are expensive. I go once or twice a week depending on what's out, and yeah it's expensive. I see a lot of digital IMAX and 3D presentations as well, and even at a Child's price, it's still expensive. I know it's cheap, and I feel shitty, but I gotta save money somehow, lol. Also, I feel like over half of the movies I see aren't worth the full price. Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises will be. I saw The Avengers three times, in three different formats, and I want to see TDKR at least 5-10 times. I just called my local 15/70 IMAX (about an hour away), and they said that it's possible they'll show TDKR, and that they'll know it will be shown for sure the first week of July, and tickets will be sold two weeks prior to July 20th. I went there for the Prologue and it was fantastic.

Well, I guess it's partially the theater's fault for never noticing I've been doing it for so long.

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Haha, what a sick and twisted and hilarious mishmash of dreams!
I'm surprised the resurgence in this thread hasn't included any dreams involving the third trailer.
I've had several dreams myself, but I'll relate two in particular for now.

First dream happened after the teaser.
I've got a fly-on-the-wall POV for the battle between Bane and Batman in the last shot of the teaser.
Bane walks ups the steps, and the camera follows him with Batman in the background looking exhausted.
Then we get the shot from behind Batman and we see Bane's Venom-induced size for the first time.
(Granted, this was before I "found out" how Nolan decided to incorporate the Venom compound.)
So Bane is very, very large, but in that Nolan-esque believable way.
It's nowhere near the Bane from Batman & Robin, that's for sure.
He's actually really fucking scary.
Now they start fighting, but Nolan circles the camera around them so quickly that you can't make anything out.
It's like the first appearance/fight scene of Bats at the dock in BB.
(Contrary to popular belief, I don't see anything wrong with that scene; you're not supposed to see every punch and kick.)
They keep fighting and fighting; everything is soaking wet (as the third trailer proved right).
Then the camera stops when it faces Bane and he's got Bats over his knee...
And in typical Knightfall fashion, something along the lines of "Now, I break you!!!!" was said.
Bane breaks his back. Fade to black.

Second dream was a little more surreal.
I suddenly find myself sitting in a packed movie theater.
For some reason there is a lot of natural light pouring in from the right side of the theater.
It's almost as if there were a series of doors located to the outside on that side of the theater, and someone decided to open them all.
Well, I can't tell what movie is playing yet.
The sound is muffled and the picture seems awfully distorted.
I see these large towering black figures moving around on the screen.
It's like German Expressionism completely out of focus.
But I'm also having a hard time keeping my eyes on the screen; my head keeps forcefully looking down.
Then I manage to look up and see a clear, crisp Batman throw a punch at something still distorted.
Then I'm forced to look down again; I look up a few seconds later and everything is a blur again.
This process repeats for a while, and the only figure who ever comes into focus is Batman.
I never see Bane or anyone else.
Then the movie ends and people are cheering and applauding and the whole theater begins to become distorted.
And that's it for that weird, pathetic dream.
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Woke up from a nap earlier. Had a dream that I was a member of the press who got to be on set while TDKR was filming. Filming a scene where Bane had a mecha. Not as big as a gundam, more along the lines of the one in District 9 or Avatar (James Cameron movie, not Airbender)

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I had a dream I saw the first 20 minutes:

1. Prologue
2. Bruce Wayne walking around in a snowy Gotham with Gordon. Boring, seemed like a scene from a Miracle on 34th Street reboot.

And that was it.

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