Hans Zimmer's TDKR Soundtrack

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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Melack wrote:
neo78956 wrote:The End sounds like something straight out of The Terminator or T2. In other words, AWESOME.
I think the score from what he have heard, overall sounds kinda Brad Fiedel-ish, with it's mix of electronica and industrial undertones. :thumbup:
Which I love because it really gets at the heart of creating a soundscape for Gotham City, a direction the score was already headed in with The Dark Knight. Like if Brad Fiedel scored an early Michael Mann film. Loving it.

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i love how creepy The Shadows Betray You sounds like.

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TalkOnCorners wrote:i love how creepy The Shadows Betray You sounds like.
Perhaps the LoS finally putting down Bane for good? Hmmm....

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"The Shadows Betray You" is very ominous. Both in title and the sound clip.

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Still no chant...weird.

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Can someone edit together the new clips an post then on YouTube? I am on vacation and only have my iPhone - it won't load the clips...


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Drewton wrote:Still no chant...weird.
You deaf?

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has anybody rippd the new samples into an mp3?

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Drewton wrote:Still no chant...weird.

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