Do you think TDKR will be Nolan's best film?

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.

do you think TDKR will be Nolan's best film yet?

Inception is the best film of all time so obviously it can't be better than that
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Batcat wrote:
PowerDump wrote: I still think that Nolan has a firm grasp on what he wants to do with the film, the last one made over a billion dollars and Inception made over 800 hundred million and I'm sure he had a firm grasp around that film. I really don't think WB would go dumb on him and all of his audience now.

I would say that TDKR is already gauranteed a solid $800 million worldwide, why not let the great director do the thing he wants to do?
Exactly! The most important thing to me and to other viewers I believe eventhough they might not be "fans" in TDKR is the story. I don't really care how badass it is, or even how cheesy it is, all I want is to see a real story, something that will catch my interest until the end! And out of all directors, I really think Nolan is the one who can go by his heart rather than by "How to get more money and more viewers". I agree with you though that that's often what happens with trilogy like for example Pirate of the Caribbeans (Yes, I love that example :lol: ) where in the end only money and special effects were important and not the story anymore... I really hope it won't be the case with TDKR but I still have hope.
I think this is also true - Nolan's been saying for a while that he wants to bring the Batman story to a close in a satisfying way, by the looks of it he'll have a good story no matter what.

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"Extremely Difficult but I Want to See It Done"
The high marks of mind-blowing/excitement in Nolan's films are TDK and Inception; the high marks of mind-twisting/story telling in his films are Memento and The Prestige. (There's a reason it's very hard to rank his films.)
TDKR would definitely be amazing but to be Nolan's BEST film to date, it has to beat all four films above. And if that's not an impossible task, I don't know what is. But I would really want to see it done!