Deathstroke and Epic fight scenes!

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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First of all I think Catwoman, Riddler and Deathstroke as physical challenge should be in the 3rd Bat film. Catwoman is not a villain IMO....she should be portrayed as more of a anti-heroine/femme fatale and more of a companion and ally of Batman IMO.

I want to see a real femme fatale from the mythos in the 3rd film and it should be either be Catwoman or Talia and no one else.

I also want to see Batman face his toughest physical challenge since Ra's versus a hitman/assassin hired by the mob to hunt down and kill the Batman. Deathstroke would be sweet and I can see him and Batman having two epic toe to toe epic long fight sequences.

In the first meeting Deathstroke would catch Batman by surprise and nearly beat to death. It will be a hard lesson learned for Bruce.

In the rematch Batman would be the Deathstroke to a pulp.....but both fight scenes would long intense epic fight scenes....kinda like how the final lightsaber fight scenes were done in the Star Wars film. With EPICness!

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I all honesty, did you really NEED to make another Batman 3 villain thread?

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