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The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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Joker then Catwoman. They each had there own film. Batman (89) should have been called Joker Begins. :lol:
Say Girl

I was watching TV this morning and came across Joey King in a Taylor Swift video. The song is crap but it's interesting if you want to see what she's like onscreen, and not subject yourself to Battle: LA.

Sorry if this has been posted but I don't browse the TDKR threads much.

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with prominent lips like that, she has to be playing young Anne

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It would be funny if she ends up being young Selina. So far, the popular speculations have been wrong. When we saw the hospital pics, majority thought that it would be Bruce, Alfred or Lucius in the hospital and it turned out to be Gordon. When we saw the guy in the ski mask, most thought it was Bane and it turned out to be Bruce.

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judge has a weird head.

but i got my fingers crossed that hell be waylon jones/killer croc. realistic and simple skin condition. he goes around killing for money, tuff guy in gotham. everyones intimidated by him, bane comes and fucks him up. :thumbup:

nothing deep just a few short scenes like a zsaz. i always liked killer croc.
i know people said it was unlikely when the rumors came out a while ago,but it could work. that way nolan could say that in his trilogy he used a majority of previously unused rouges in his trilogy. scarecrow, ras, bane, killer croc.
im just glad it isnt deebo..."give it to me" :lol:

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^ WHAT??!!!!!! he'll just be a cop or something in the background, with one line.

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I just read a tweet from Christopher Judge that he is in TDKR. I haven't had time to check out all the spoiler stuff, so I don't know as much about the plot & all characters. I am a Stargate fan (Specially of SGU), and think CJ will probly have a good role & do very well. I like this news. :goNF:

:batface: "That's cool, more Bat fodder for me"

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Hehe, ok

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