[SPOILERS] Production in Pittsburgh

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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i came here to say

Anne Hathaway looks heavenly in that dress

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Will Bane pop up anywhere in the hole? :|
Or was that just a rumor?

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apw wrote:Image

Rory who?

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Wow, so that stadium's filling up.

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I knew that filmfanatic guy was a fraud. What a fucking dork. :lol:

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talli wrote:i came here to say

Anne Hathaway looks heavenly in that dress
Agree! ;)

Great pics of the stadium 8-)

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IWatchFilmsNotMovies wrote:I knew that filmfanatic guy was a fraud. What a f***ing dork. :lol:
I know right!!
I always wondered how the hell can WB allow a guy who knows their inside production details on a public fan site. Even the extras who are recruited for some scene are made to sign a a non disclosure agreement and he certainly claimed to hold a much higher position in the movies production than that.
Although I do have to give him credit for fooling us for so long. If I would have been an impostor I'd have certainly blown it much earlier :lol:

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Octavius wrote:
steveportee wrote:Come on Mr. Caine, this thread isn't about making fun of Baconboy. It's about making fun of Rory. Get back on topic.
:eh: ehm this argument took up enough of time. This thread is still called [SPOILERS] Production in Pittsburgh.
More like kicking fuckin' mod ass in Pittsburgh...it was a needed breather

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filmfanatic wrote:
solo2001 wrote:I'm not 100% educated on the filmfanatic issue, but what reason do we have to believe any of your claims? With all due respect.

You don't really. If I'm ever wrong on something, then I guess you will definitively know one way or the other. But again, I don't want to jeopardize the validity of this site. I burned some and that was wrong. Therefore, I'm out.

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Why does WarnerBrosLegal always shows up after Filmfanatic did? :lol: