Rumor: Is Tom Hardy playing Hugo Strange?

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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CrazyEight wrote:I'm with "Batman-News" on this. Jett is acting like a little bitch. The rumor is interesting to fans; and historically these kinds of sites report rumors often, this one is no different. Chris has every right to post rumors, whether they turn out to be true or not is irrelevant, as Jett does. Simply because a rumor is blowing up that he (Jett) wasn't the first to report doesn't mean he needs to act like an arrogant, whiny fool.

But, no offense to you as I'm sure your a great guy and may be outside the stereotype I'm about to cast, the majority of people who run these sites are losers anyway, Jett's just being himself.
Fixed the last sentence, I kinda butchered it the first time around.

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I'm confused with what BOF's problem is other than the fact that Jett is a self absorbed nut job who thinks he's the only one that has a right to run a Batman website.

Batman-News listed the Hugo Strange thing as rumor. It's not like he said it was fact.

How many times has BOF posted a dumb ass rumor... Meow? anyone. Wtf? And has anyone noticed he has deleted posts in the past after having no truth to them. He also swore up and down they would make a Batman 3 announcement at July Comic Con then tried to change his words around when it didn't happen.

I don't care who posts what the fact of the matter is that this is the internet and Bof needs to realize that their not the only ones with sources or the only authority on Batman News. Any website is allowed to posts whatever the hell they want. Something about free speech.

Batman-News I love your site, please keep posting. Bof only shows their concern for a threat by referring to you as fake BOF. If they weren't concerned they would simply ignore you. Which says that BOF is concerned and they sure as hell should be cause it looks like somebody else has a little inside info on Batman Films as well.

Although I have to be honest my preferred site for Batman news is Nolan Fans. Certainly the best forums on the web. Everyone here is awesome.

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I sincerely don´t believe in this rumor...but let´s see what happens. :JGLface:

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I just want to know what Nolan is having in his mind...I just want to know the official news from Nolan... Its making us more and more curious these days... Day by day more rumors are hitting the net :twisted: :roll:

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I am the best extractor.and i am going to extract the batman information from nolan's mind

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Balefan wrote:I sincerely don´t believe in this rumor...but let´s see what happens. :JGLface:
I don't give a damn about any rumors because Batman is shitting bats in you avatar, man! :lol: :lol:

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allstarr55js wrote:it seems to be official... ... announced/... great job batmannews!
I'm pretty that site is just repeating the update from batman news like all the others, only apparently they missed the part where it was labeled a RUMOR and not fact, and also didn't even bother to give credit to batman news.

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Yeah your actually most likely right the article is very misleading.

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Yea, that article is BS.

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