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The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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Every Batman movie since Tim Burton's "Batman Returns" had a new Batsuit that we didn't see in the previous film. Nolan continued this trend in The Dark Knight, but the reason for the new suit was part of the story. Do you think that Batman will once again have a new suit in The Dark Knight Rises? I can see Batman wanting to make altercations to The Dark Knight's suit, especially after being shot at the end of the movie. I also think from a marketing perspective Warner Bros. would want a new suit. What do you guys think?
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I bet there will be a new suit.

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Bat nipples please!


No, but seriously. I wouldn't mind a new suit, but I don't see why they would need a new one. TDK's suit is fine.

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It would be safe to assume that Bruce will improve his armor in TDKR. Especially after how vulnerable the suit in TDK left him.

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I think there definitely will be. And it will be bad-ass. :batface:

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I would love to see the bat-wing and batarangs added to the armor. Also, a new bat vehicle will certainly be introduced.

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Perhaps the original Batmobile! :)

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Honestly I would rather have him get a better vehicle rather than a suit.

I like the look of this suit, it's very cool. :batface:
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Maybe a different cloak? something stronger that billows more? :)

New Helmet? Hell just change the whole damn thing.

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we will definitely see a new bat vehicle. as for his suit, that depends on who the villain is. if it were Mr. Freeze (i know it won't be) we would see batman's ice suit, and the same goes for any villain. in TDK Bruce gets a suit that won't protect well against knives, and then immediately in drawn into an epic struggle against a villain who predominantly uses knives (and a potato peeler :lol: ) also... we all heard that little joke about how the suit would protect against a cat ;)

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