Do you think TDK Rises will surpass TDK's box office sales?

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.

What will earn more at the box office

The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Rises
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AlexHaas wrote:I definitely think The Dark Knight Rises can take on The Dark Knight. One word: IMAX.

TDKR will, most certainly, have more IMAX scenes than TDK.
Nolan: "We’re looking to do something technologically that’s never been done before."

Think about how many more IMAX theaters that will have opened between 2008 and 2012. Not the mention the increase in IMAX ticket prices. I paid $12 to see TDK in IMAX and now the price is $17 here. It could be over $20 per IMAX ticket by the time July 2012 rolls around.

Even if less people go see TDKR, it could still money more money than TDK.
This is totally true, people really want to see more movies filmed in IMAX, and I have a feeling that Nolan won't even be using a 35mm camera on this film so the picture quality will be extraordinary. We know Nolan will pull together a fantastic movie, so word of mouth will be excellent and it will encourage people to see it in IMAX.

I am not understanding, why people think it will make less money, i don't see any trend that supports that. I don't expect TDKR to blow TDK out of the water, but I do expect it to surpass its mark.

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theweatherman wrote:I am not understanding, why people think it will make less money, i don't see any trend that supports that. I don't expect TDKR to blow TDK out of the water, but I do expect it to surpass its mark.
I think that it has something to do with the general rule of thumb where the box office crowd in a film trilogy goes to the second movie. Although, I don't understand why people are still clinging to this rule for Nolan's Batman films. The game has changed.

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Yeah but as someone else mentioned, when the second film is actually good the third generally increases.

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In terms of quality, MAYBE it will surpass TDK, but in box office....... maybe not.

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While don't think it will it definitely is possible but I think TDK will still be a better film.

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Of course! Why do you think they called it The Dark Knight "RISES."

It will Rise above all previous batman films in quality and box office sales. It is the only fitting title for a film that will RISE above them all. :lol:

Seriously, I think it is very possible. You also have to take inflation into account also and the fact that they are probably shooting a lot of it in IMAX. I mean most folks are gonna wanna pay extra and see it in IMAX. And maybe I'm in the minority but I really do believe this film will literally rise above both its predecessor 's and once word spreads out folks will flock to see this. Not to mention batman geeks like you and I who will see it several times.

I saw TDK 19 times. If this next one is at least as good which I believe it will be if not better I'm Rising above that number for a total of 20 times minimum.

I think we'll have a better idea though once the heavy marketing campaigns begin next year. Nolan's more confident with more experience and so much at his disposal. We are lucky to have a talent like his in our generation. He's the Radiohead of film making. I think he and his team are going to give us a respectable closing to a remarkable batman film trilogy.

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Depends on the viral marketing/overall hype. Hell, if Avatar can do it, why can't the most anticipated superhero trilogy ever do it?

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I think it can, some people say no because no Heath Ledger or Joker but it has a lot going for it. Doesn't the third film in a trilogy usually do worse because the second film doesn't live up to the hype (POTC:DMC, The Matrix Reloaded) or because the third film gets bad reviews.

If TDKR gets great reviews then why not? TDKR has all the people that loved TDK that are gonna see it and if it is good than WOM will be good (obviously). TDK was a very good sequel and for the most part people liked it as much if not more than Batman Begins.

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I think it will, its all based on the hype of the prepossessing film. For example because the first Pirates of the Caribbean was loved by a lot of people and got fairly good reviews its sequel passed the billion mark because of the hype of the first movie even though Dead Man's Chest wasn't nearly as good. So aka because of the immense popularity of the Dark Knight I believe TDKR will do better even if its ratings aren't on par.

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if it does is gonna be the happiest day of my F* life ha ha, I hope this IMAX technological improvements they're preparing is the best shit ever seen on a cinema theater.

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