[SPOILERS] Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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Miranda Tate/Talia functions as a mirror to Bruce Wayne, and reminds me specifically of Bruce Wayne as he was when he wanted to confront Joe Chill in Batman Begins: he had waited a long time and had a plan that would result in Bruce getting revenge on Chill by murdering him. He is robbed of his revenge and Rachel tells him that justice and revenge are not the same. Rachel functions as a mirror to Bane in that moment because Bane, despite claiming to value moral innocence, actually never tries to dissuade Talia from seeking revenge at all. He's an enabler, whereas Rachel Dawes was the voice of conscience to Bruce Wayne in a moment when he told her that he didn't care about justice because the system was broken anyway.

Talia also has a plan to get revenge on Bruce Wayne, one designed specifically to ensure he suffers in the worst possible way before he dies. She also is robbed of her revenge but she dies before she can make any meaningful change for the better. When she confronts batman we know that she is correct when she says Batman killed him because he refused to help him on the train when he very easily could have. In that moment Bruce is confronting himself, who he used to be very early on and it once again hammers home the idea that seeking revenge will turn you from an innocent into a moral monster, since Talia not only wants to get revenge on Batman but she also wants to destroy the entire city with every single person living in it. She does this because she wants to honour her father's work, once again mirroring (in a very twisted way) Bruce Wayne's strive to live up to his own father's memory and ideals in Batman Begins.

In essence, the trilogy comes full circle by having Batman confront a person hellbent on revenge and who has not seen the error of their ways at all because the people around her were never trying to steer her away from the path of vengeance.

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