The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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talli wrote:I think Tom Hardy will. His shooting of Mad Max finishes up conveniently a month before Batman 3 starts shooting...and he hasnt signed on for any other future projects yet. Meanwhile JGL has signed on for like 3, so we can count him out.

Nolan described Hardy as an actor who embodies the role down to the physical details...something that Ledger did...something that is necessary for an iconic villain.

Marion Cotillard as Catwoman
Tom Hardy as Black Mask, Deadshot or Riddler.

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Marion Cotillard as Catwoman
Tom Hardy as Black Mask, Deadshot or Riddler.
Agreed. Well, mostly...Marion as Selene Kyle, Hardy as...someone...just give him something to play with Chris.
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    Thats who's rumored to return for Batman3.

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    hardy in batman 3 ? i say yes...

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    Christopher Nolan wrote:hardy in batman 3 ? i say yes...
    Well then that seals it. Chris has said it himself. :mrgreen:

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    Hardy is a really good choice

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    This thread makes me laugh.

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    chee wrote:This thread makes me laugh.

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    Little did everyone know what really was going on back then. :lol:

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    talli wrote:Tom Hardy will be in it. I am so certain of it

    bangers...July 2nd I predicted this....how did I know? I simply chose the person out of the supporting cast of Inception who was the best actor