Have Your Thoughts On The Movie Changed Since Its Release?

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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It just gets better and better. A flawed masterpiece, and superior to The Dark Knight. As others have said, it's a demented, majestic, and inspiring blockbuster. One of the best theater experiences I've ever had.

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One of the most cinematic experiences I have ever seen. The best in The Dark Knight Trilogy :gonf:

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Can't believe it's been over 2 years. My opinion has stayed the same since the first time I saw it (loved it). But I've always felt that they should've killed off Bruce, it's the only major change I would've made and IMO it would've been much more impactful.

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Of the three I find this one to be the most impactful. While I think BB and TDK are tighter and more coherent, TDKR is a denser film than it's predecessors. And I find it gets better every time I watch it.

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It's quietly becoming my favorite of the three... quietly.

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m4st4 wrote:It's quietly becoming my favorite of the three... quietly.

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It's not perfect by any means, but it's still an ambitious and entertaining work that almost hit's all it's spots. I'd hate to say it's the weakest of the Trilogy cause that would demean the film but I would watch The Dark Knight and Begins over it just cause they are tighter films.

The way it's treated by many is far too harsh, the Anti-Nolan lot obviously jumped over it's flaws and make it sound like a Michael Bay film. Plus how was it ever going to live up to the hype to one of the defining films to come out, that delivered one of the most iconic performances in Ledger's Joker. The hype was just to amazing to ever live up too and it did disappoint many ( but pleased many more, I saw it twice in the cinema) but to be fair it's got a 8.6 on IMDB and did over a billion in the box office, plus it's gaining more fans now after the hype died down.

I loved it when it was released, still think Tom Hardy as Bane was amazing, although the way he died is the biggest minus in the trilogy. Bale gives his best performance as Wayne/Batman in the trilogy, also add Caine and Oldman to that list. Anne Hathaway was very good as was Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I thought Marion Cotillard and Morgan Freeman were a little under used. But it's a great ending to possibly the greatest trilogy ever. I give 8.5/10

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anonymity wrote:
m4st4 wrote:It's quietly becoming my favorite of the three... quietly.

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I actually quite liked it. Loved it while watching it on theater, but is very flawed. It doesn't compare in any way with TDK. The Dark Knight has to be the most thrilling film that I've eve seen, like, ever. And on the top of that, is brilliant crafted and highly intelligent - the smartest action flick I've seen besides The Matrix and obviously, Inception, the King of them all.

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I still adore this movie. Emotional connection triumphs over plotholes for me. But i don't believe there are plotholes like people say. There's a few flaws, and that for me just has to do with editing issues. Which is due to the Imax restriction. Nolan could have released the film as a 3 hour film, and you can tell it was cut up too much. But plot holes? I have an answer for pretty much every one of those silly accusations. Most of which has to do with using your imagination. Some folks don't know the meaning of a plot hole, and others don't realize that every film has flaws.

But Rises is incredible 2 years later. And some days it's my favorite from the trilogy and from the entire comic book genre. Im positive ill feel something strong about this movie until im hopefully old and grey. It's a very inspirational character arc and im thankful Nolan went out with this story and direction instead of doing what i thought they were going to do. Which was to make a third film that had Batman active and still young at the start, with an ending that simply hands it over to a new set of actors/director for the studio to continue the franchise. I was stoked for that back in 2009/2010 but i prefer what we have because it was a bold move that closed an entire story. It will never happen again that way either.

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