Ultimate Batman 3 Wishlist - Please Add To It.

The 2012 superhero epic about Batman's struggle to overcome the terrorist leader Bane, as well as his own inner demons.
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The Dark Knight was a perfect movie, with two minor caveats.

While the Joker recieved exceptional development and a fitting conclusion (one can simply assume that he is locked up in a maximum security prison), harvey dent/two face was not explored fully as a character.

The transition from Dent to Two Face was far too rapid. In the comic books, dent had a history of psychiatric problems that were confidential and thus unknown to anyone before he ever became two face. It made sense that he could go mad. But in the movie, it portrays a strong willed character, who just because the person he loved dies, abandons all logic and goes completely mad. That's not realistic character progression. A person doesn't simply go from sane to insane in an instant.

Two Face needs to come back in Batman 3. It makes perfect sense that Two Face was locked away at Arkham Asylam by Gordon without anyone's knowledge. If anyone found out that dent went crazy, the entire mob that was prosecuted by Dent could go free. Batman didn't check his pulse, he had no way to be sure that Dent was dead. There was no body shown at the memorial for Dent. So it makes perfect sense that Gordon would have gotten Dent the help he needs in Arkham while letting everyone think Dent is dead.

By bringing Dent back, introducing initially as a psych patient at Arkham, Nolan gets a chance to mention his confidential past where he did suffer from schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder with psychotic breaks.

Also Two Face is way too intersting and way too important a charater in the batman mythos to have been killed off in less than a half hour. There is a lot of room in Two Faces development. In one two face story arc, he develops a third personality unknown to the first two, that of justice, to right all the wrongs in the world. That would make for a great story arc. Two Faces existence becoming known, the mob getting retrials only to be hunted by two face's third personality - justice, and batman and possibly even two face getting retribution would all make for a compelling story in the third film.

Lastly, it seemed to me that in Batman Begins the league of assasins actual motivation for destroying was barely touched upon. This wasn't a big issue, as the league of shadows is no where near as major a part of the batman mythos as two face, but a bit more emphasis on the fact that they are essentially terrorists, who oppose technological progress or who wish to rid the world of all it's filth, and destroy the cities that are corrupt beyond repair, would have been good. If the league of shadows was to make a return in Batman 3, with their motivation further explored, it would make for a very fitting conclusion to the trilogy, and would make for a fantastic trilogy. Even ignoring the league of shadows entirely, and instead simply delving deeper into the Two Face storyline in the third film, would make for the greatest trilogy of all time, bar none.

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Like The Dark Knight, I'd like it to be a seperate entity to the previous films and add something to the series. I'd also like for this film to focus more on Batman himself and his journey as that was one of my favourite things about the first one.

Still keep the lovely visuals and camerawork, but combine it with the atmosphere of the first one. So bring back the Narrows!

As for villains, I'd like to see the Riddler but a part of me thinks he is too similar to the Joker in Nolan's universe. I just want a villain that will be as groundbreaking as Heath Ledger's joker. Also, Talia al Ghul would be more than welcome.

And finally, for the story to live up to the previous films. I don't care how long the movie takes, as long as they take the time to give the story the attention it needs.

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I disagree with you, wikoogle. I think that in such a realistic Batman-world that the Nolan-movies have, Two-Face is far enough for only one movie. I mean yes, it could've been much more important part of the film, and maybe - as you said - his transformation shouldn't have been so "quick", but I also like the way TDK has Two-Face. In the movie he's not really a schizophrenic madman, he's just a scarred man. Half of his face burned down, and this is "only" a coincidence: he really doesn't have multiple personalities, he has just lost his great love and this drove him insane. In fact, I don't think that this transformation is rapid. Compared to the Two-Face seen in the comic-books - yes, it's rapid. But compared to an average person it's normal. One moment you realize that your girlfriend has 5 minutes from his life, and that's because the people you worried haven't listened to you. Your angry, and not just angry: you're totally MAD about this situation. All you have built in the last years were destroyed, and not just your carreer: your whole life. This is what transforms Harvey Dent into Two-Face in TDK, and not that he's generally psychopath.

So, Wishlist. You know what my wishlist for the 3rd Movie is?
- have a little more Bruce Wayne (= little more Bale)
- have the Riddler
- have Catwoman, if it's necessary
- DON'T have Two-Face - I think his "history" is perfect and complete in the Nolan-universe.
- DON'T have Ra's Al Ghul, or any member of the Al Ghul-family.
- please, just DON'T-DON'T-DOOOOON'T have the Joker!!

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TDK was a great movie. If Nolan doesn't do a Batman 3 that would be sad for all fans. If he does a third my Wish-list would be:

-One film with the Joker is enough. Don't bring him back unless is to reveal Two-Face's crimes (God and Nolan forbid)
-The Riddler is a great villain but Catwoman and The Penguin aren't strong contenders.
-Bring Mad Hatter and The Great White Shark.
-Please make everyone see Batman as a hero again cause I don't like the idea of giving Batman a villainous name.
-More original villains, ones that weren't used in the previous franchise, like they did with Ra's Al Ghul and Scarecrow in Begins
-Bring Scarecrow as the main villain.
-Don't use villains like Clay-Face, Killer Croc. or Man-Bat cause does aren't realistic for the Nolan-verse.
-Do NOT resurrect Two-Face. He's dead. End of story.

Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are the only movies I have seen from Chris so far. He inspired me to write movies. He's my idol and I am looking forward to make movies as good as him when I grow up.

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if we r going to have a great main villain make it king tut!!!!!!! if you havent heard of him google king tut. he wears pharoh cloths and is not unrealistic with his crimes and himself. it would be a tragedy not to put him in 3rd film!!!!!!!!!!

Go King Tut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :!: :!: :!:

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First welcome to the forums, zeus.

Second, King Tut is a pharaoh from BC in Egypt. That would mean he will be resurrected for Batman 3. Also Nolan is using popular Batman villains, so its highly doubtful he'll appear in a movie, the same with Maxie Zeus.

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dont you know that king tut was a villain in batman he named himself king tut because he was absest with the egyptian pharoh tutankamen and he was also absest with ancient egypt. you dont think i really meant that pharoh tutankamen would be ressurected did you! :!: :!: :lol:

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Oooh :? Then you might wanna make your wishlist a little like that then 8-)

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I'd like him to stay with the more known villans. (The Riddler, Catwoman, The Pinguin. Perhaps even Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy)
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My biggest wish is for Nolan to heed a certain actor's interest in playing a certain role and make David Tennant the Riddler. Aside from his brilliantly intelligent and hyperactive performance in Doctor Who, he's also proven himself capable of playing much darker roles, not least Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter 4, and the titular character in Hamlet. In all honesty, I do think that Tennant would be a much better choice for the role than Johnny Depp; the most popular name being thrown about.

I think emphasis would have to be placed on the care and attention that the Riddler puts into his elaborate traps; he is testing Batman, rather than just terrorising Gotham. In that sense, I think that the Riddler could be a bit more... enigmatic (pardon the pun) in terms of his status as a villain.

Another idea that I love is for copycats imitating the Joker. In the Batman universe, the Joker is meant to be a constant or recurring presence, and I think that after the events of The Dark Knight, it would be a bit cheap for the Joker to be quickly written off. Of course, you simply couldn't replace Heath Ledger in the role but it wouldn't be difficult imagining the Joker becoming this symbol of chaos after he so easily gripped the public's attention. I could also imagine a lot more violent crime being committed in his name, especially with the death of Harvey Dent and the villainisation of Batman.

Of course, you'd have to put a face to this Joker-mania and I think Harley Quinn would be perfect in that sense. I can imagine this girl who becomes obsessed with the Joker and being more dangerous and more Joker-like than any other copycat.

Already I can see a good film script appearing, with the Riddler leading Batman through a life-threatening and elaborate series of challenges, and encouraging him to really think. Meanwhile, Harley Quinn is launching these apparently unpredictable attacks on Gotham. As the film goes along, we see Batman piecing together Harley Quinn's story and humanising her. The Riddler, in his own psychotic way, tests Batman to see if he is smart enough to understand Harley Quinn's motives. Once Batman understands her, then he can tell where her next target is and stop her.

Of course, these are my dreams. I'm sure Nolan will do a fantastic job irrespective of what he chooses to do.

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